How To Stay Away From Dehydration This Summer?
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How To Stay Away From Dehydration This Summer?

With summer season around the corner, most of us have already started to feel the rise in the Sun. During this forthcoming season, you might have plans to go for a hill station or to the local beach to protect yourself from the effect of excess heat. During this season most of us opt for ice creams, cool drinks and related stuff to keep ourselves cool during the day. Furthermore, with excessive sweat, it is highly easier to get dehydration, unless and until you maintain the recommended water intake during this forthcoming season.

Causes of getting dehydrated:

• As mentioned earlier, excess sweat leave out the water content in the body and when the lost fluid content is not replaced by drinking more of fluid or water, it will lead to water loss in the body.

• Again, when it comes to kids, they will be in a playful mood with their summer vacation and they forget to take water due to this excitement. So, parents should be careful about reminding the child of water/fluid intake.

• Thirdly, some adults will have targets to meet like any other season and this makes them forget about the excess water requirement of their body. So, they fail to take the required intake.

Symptoms to watch out:

Some people do not actually experience that their body is in need of water and they also ignore some symptoms shown by the body. When the body does not get the water after it shows the symptoms, it can lead to serious health complications. So, it becomes important to understand the symptoms and the individual should act accordingly to prevent the effects:

• When you feel totally down after a long day outside the house or when you have persistent headache, there are chances of reduction in the water level in your body.

• Also, when you catch high fever all of a sudden, it is another symptom to watch out.

• When you have vomiting sensation more than once a day and when you actually vomit more than once a day, you should be careful.

• When there is a slight reduction in urine production and when you are not able to get good sleep at nights, there are chances of reduction in the fluid content in your body.

•Even, there are chances of diarrhea and sudden weight loss as well.

Treatment and prevention:

Treating this issue is not at all a big deal, unless and until you identify it early. When it becomes too late, you will not have any other option other than visiting your doctor for appropriate medications or saline water as per the recommendation of your doctor.

Even, it can be prevented by taking enough water all through the day and apart from this, remember you can also take other fluids like soda, coffee, iced tea as these drinks can provide you with the essential energy, besides keeping you hydrated. Taking cold drinks or fruit juices and fruits with higher water content can also help. Having a glass of water after waking up and before going to bed during summer can be a great idea.

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