How Winter is Good for our Metabolism

How Winter is Good for our Metabolism

How Winter is Good for our Metabolism

Metabolism is the chemical procedure which one’s body goes throughout to transfer the food you consume into the energy to each and every organ of your body for better functioning. The extra energy your body requires to manage the regular functioning of the body, the better your metabolism power is; on the contrary, the minimum energy your body requires, the lesser your metabolism power will be. Most importantly, one’s metabolic rate can be stated as the amount of energy in calories, one’s body uses to sustain by itself (you can take an instance of the energy consumed by daily processes such as breathing, talking, thinking, sitting, digestion, beating of heart, flowing of blood and managing the regular body temperature of a human being etc.).

Connection b/w Temperature & Metabolism

When you become active, your body be likely to heat up; however, it looks like that it is due to your fast metabolism. When you become constantly rendered to the sub-zero temperatures, your metabolism might drop down to save energy as well as heat for future. But, in a short period of time spent in the icy areas (like walking in the snow), will not be enough to drop down one’s metabolism. But if one’s endocrine system is not operating in an efficient manner then one’s temperature of body may fall down and with this fall, his or her metabolism will also go down.

Relationship b/w Metabolism & Weather

The increase in weight of human body is very common in the cold winter and explains  the relationship between metabolism and weather, its not due to the lower metabolism of the body. The consumption of rich and disproportionate food in the winter can be one of the reasons for gaining weight in this season. In the same way, if you ordinarily exercise in the open, your routine might disturb because of the weather conditions and you have to cut it for short when the temperature turns intolerable.

Decreasing Level of Body Temperature

A slump in body temperature oftentimes signifies hypo-thyroidism, which thereby affects the metabolism. A range of medical states can result in blipping of your thyroid; its indications comprises of feeling cold recurrently, despair, inexplicable gaining of weight, irregular weaknesses, Fragile nails or hair, invariable fatigue n paleness etc. However, it is up to your doctor or physician to determine your slow metabolism as the reason of hypo-thyroidism and can recommend you the appropriate medicines and the change in your diets to solve the disorder.

Accelerating one’s Metabolism

If you really want to fasten your metabolism power, consider building up your muscles; since, it will burn all the extra calories from your body rather than the fat. The consumption of regular but small foods – comprising of breakfasts – rather than that of consuming large lunch or dinner, can maintain your body recurrently nurtured and assists you in avoiding the entrance of starvation, which drops down the metabolism. Interlude training, which includes concise eruption of forceful exercising or else a restrained one, can also assists in strengthening one’s metabolism for numerous hours after accomplishing workouts.

Healthy winter foods

An individual’s metabolism is accountable for the way one’s body utilizes the energy generated from food in an efficient manner. Consequently, it is not an astonishing matter that a healthy metabolism body is a common trepidation for almost everyone, who observes their weight regularly. To make sure that one’s metabolism is healthy in this winter season, you can try the given below list of foods, good for winter.

Tomato Soup

You can intake a bowl of hot tomato soup in a winter night which can strengthen your metabolism. Since, the anti-oxidants present in the tomato soup assists in fighting with the contaminants that results in diseases, henceforth confirms a disease-free body of an individual with healthy metabolism power as well as immune power.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are considered to be one of the healthiest foods of the weather. They are rich in Vitamin B, fiber, magnesium etc which also helps in boosting one’s metabolism. It also supports in lowering one’s glycemic Indexes and maintains your body. Apart from these, they also have β-Carotene, which can strengthen one’s immune system.

Pears n Apples

They both are recognized as metabolism strengthening fruits and accelerating weight loss. They, in addition, inhibit high levels of pectin that combine with water to restrict the quantity of fat one’s body can soak up.


Instead of consuming the healthy cold weather food, you can opt for turnips as they are also known for their detoxification. They assist our body to eliminate excessive contaminants and mucus from it. Apart from that, they have high quantity of Vitamin C, which operates as a natural metabolism support and will certainly strengthen one’s immune system.

Hot Cocoa

Hot cocoa is another healthy food for winter season and can strengthen one’s metabolism as well as your mood. It also consists of anti-oxidants which can also drop down the process of aging in human beings.

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