In India 56% Of Young Girls And 30% Of Young Boys Are Anemic
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In India 56% Of Young Girls And 30% Of Young Boys Are Anemic

In India 56% Of Young Girls And 30% Of Young Boys Are Anemic

A recent report states that one out of every two adolescent girls in India is anemic. This is the world’s largest adolescent population with anemia. Not just girls, one out of every three young boys are also known to have this problem. This means that 56% of young girls and 30% of young boys in the country have low blood count. This adds a large chunk to the young population in the country at a wide range of health risks. This report was published according to the latest assessment done by the health ministry along with UNICEF.

Reasons for such prevalence:

When talking about anemia in children in India, it is seen by people from other countries that this is because of the higher number of adolescence marriage and pregnancy in India, particularly in the rural areas. The thing to remember here is that anemia during pregnancy, can lead to an increased risk of mortality and illness not just for the mother, but also for the baby as well. In addition, it is further added that babies born for anemic mothers generally have lower reserves of iron, which when left untreated can bring about an ill-effect on the growth and development of the baby.

Taking the right anemia diet:

Not just children diagnosed with anemia, but also those in this age group, but has not been diagnosed with anemia, just because they have not tested are recommended to take iron rich foods. Foods rich in iron content like dates, beans, dark green vegetables, pork, poultry, red meat, dried fruits like raisins and apricots and seafoods are to be included in the diet. In the case of those diagnosed with this problem, they are recommended to follow the ideal anemia diet as per the recommendation of their doctor. Of course, when talking about anemia diet, it should have more of iron rich foods in it.


Even though, when it comes to anemia causes, early marriages in rural areas of the country are stated to be the important contributor, there are other factors that contribute towards this problem. For instance, the following conditions are stated to be the common anemia causes:

  • Iron deficiency
  • When the body does not make enough red blood cells.
  • When the body destroys its own red blood cells.
  • Bleeding is the major cause and this is why young girls, who have just attained puberty are recommended to take iron rich foods to avoid anemia. The reason is that they lose blood during menstrual cycles.
  • Deficiency of B-Vitamins is also stated to be the major cause.

There are different types of anemia and each one of the type has its own causes.

India is the country with the largest number of adolescents, who are the future generations of the society and so they should be properly protected from anemia and its effects by providing them with the right anemia diet.

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Gonorrhoea can be transmitted by the infected towels, handkerchiefs of the infected person, But most cases are due to sexual contacts, find here list of good Gynecologist in Krishnagiri.
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