International Day of Older Persons

International Day of Older Persons

A popular saying from Booth Tarkington states that 'Cherish all your happy moments; they make a fine cushion for old age’. The year 2016, falls to be the 25th year for International day of older persons. On the 14th of December 1990, The United Nations general assembly elected that the 1st of October will be celebrated as the international day of older persons every year.

History behind the day:

Before the announcement of this day, many initiatives like Vienna International Plan of Action on Ageing were taken. This particular initiative was adopted in the year 1982 World Assembly of Ageing. Then, the same was acknowledged by the United Nations General Assembly. After declaration took place in the year 1990, in the following year, the general assembly adopted the UN Principles for Older Persons.

Again in the year 2002, the Second World Assembly of Ageing adopted the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing to answer to the chances and confronts of people getting older in the 21st Century and to encourage the growth of a society for all irrespective of age.

How about 2016?

This year, the theme is ‘sustainability and age inclusiveness in the urban environment’. Being the 25th anniversary of this day, which is shortly called as IDOP and also with a view to commemorate the third United National Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development that is planned to be held in the year 2016, it is planned that the UN will pay attention not just on the effect of the new urban environment on older people, but also on the impact of old people on the new urban environment.


The objectives are as follows:

·         With a view to protect the dignity of older population, the basic rights and principles that lead the provision of services in age-inclusive cities.

·         To give chances for older people to take part in the planning and in the addressing their requirements in an urban environment with a view to improve access to services and resources.

·         Plans that can be undertaken via partnerships between government and private sector to offer cost-effective and appropriate housing for older persons and transportation for aged population.

·         To focus on the role played by innovative technology in contributing towards the creation of more age-inclusive atmospheres.

·         To emphasize the importance of inter-generational support for the cultural, economic and social arenas of urban atmosphere.


In the present circumstances, it is found that in countries like India, Old age home is increasing in number. India is a country known for her cultural heritage and joint families. Even though, many of us are turning towards nuclear families these days, let us not forget the contributions made by our parents towards our development and let us stop leaving them in Old age home.


On international day of older persons, let us honor the aged population and let us lead a happier life under the guidance from these experienced people.

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