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Is Homeopathic medicine better than Allopathic Medicine

The never ending debate of homeopathy medicines and its benefit over allopath medicines seems to be gaining much more importance these days. The reason is the growing concern of the side effects imposed by several allopathic medicines and also by people suffering from prolonged illness. That’s the reason people opt for other alternate medicines and homeopathy has always been the most popular choice The following article looks into the major factors that make homeopathy a better choice over allopathic in several cases though not in all cases.

Treatment methodology
The basic principle behind the treatment methodology of homeopathy is holistic. That is the reason that they consider the human body as a whole and find solution to the problems taking the entire human system as one entity. However, in the case of allopathic treatment, only the particular part of the body which is affected is considered and treated accordingly. The homeopathy medicines and the treatment procedure believe that the emotional conditions and other psychological conditions also serve as catalyst to the illness suffered by the patients. That is the reason there is no single medicine for all in case of homeopathy. Every patient is analysed in an independent manner and the medicines is also prepared accordingly. This is not so in the case of allopathic and the treatment is done based on the long established scientific facts. The allopathic doctors rely on the medicines available in the pharmacy and there are certain drugs that are often prescribed to most of the patients with similar symptoms.

The treatment through allopathic medicines is often based on suppressing the symptoms of the illness. The root cause is often not found and so the treatment may not be completely proven to last for a lifetime. However, homeopathy studies the patient in detail and his lifestyle also is taken into account. The diagnosis is done in rather a systematic manner and the treatment though may take time but is sure to yield a relief for the lifetime. Recurrence of the similar symptoms is often found in allopathic treatment while this is rarest of the rare in case of homeopathy treatment.

Cost of Treatment
The most important benefits of the homeopathy are its cheaper prices. The medicines are available at affordable prices and so it is often approached by even people below the poverty line. It’s a fact that allopathic medicines tend to be highly priced due to the chemical ingredients used in its manufacture.

Side Effects
Yet another factor of homeopathy is that it’s free from any side effects. The strong doses of allopathic medicines, mostly in cases of prolonged illness tends to affect the immune system of the human body and also affects the vital organs like liver. But, in case of homeopathy the medicines are prepared using herbs and some tonics and so can be taken by people of all ages and are easy to consume too.

Though both the forms of medicines aim at curing the illness, homeopathy tends to be providing permanent cure with no worries of side effects.

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