Is Sugar Free Natura Healthy and Good for Health?

Is Sugar Free Natura Healthy and Good for Health?

Sugar Free Natura

A product which is made from sucralose (sugar’s derivative) is termed as Sugar-Free Natura. It is the most famous brand of Cadila Healthcare. The taste provided by this product is similar to the taste of sugar. It comprises a very less amount of calorie. It has got the approval from FSSAI, USDA and WHO. Its usage is common in 60 countries like India, USA, Australia, Canada and many other countries of Europe. It is mostly taken by the patient of diabetes. People also have it for avoiding fats.

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Today Sugar-Free Natura is considered as a healthy product. People who don’t have diabetes also prefer this food product as for maintaining their health. Even the people also take this product to be healthy, fit and fine. People of higher middle class and higher class prefer such product.

Near about, all the patients of diabetes take this product daily. But few patients do not have this product. The question arises these people wise as according to some dieticians and doctors its excess use is harmful. And it is only a taste of sweetness which produces so many ill-effects and thus affects the patient in reverse order. There is artificial sweetness in Sugar-Free Natura but it is not healthy, and it is hard to decide which one is the worst.

Side effects of Sugar-Free Natura

The intake of sugar-free causes following negative effects:

  • 50 % percent decrease in probiotics or bacteria in the intestine of the body.
  • The intestine of the body encounters reduction of pH level in the body.
  • Reduces red blood cells. 
  • Ovaries get contracted
  • Passage of urine decreases.
  • The size of the colon get enlarged
  • The levels of thyroxine get decreased
  • Loss of Magnesium and phosphorus
  • The brain and liver get enlarged.
  • The kidney got enlarged and converted into stone

Sugar-Free Natura also leads to many diseases like gastrointestinal problems, migraines, seizures, respiratory problems, heart palpitations along with gaining body weight.


Although the product of sugar-free Natura is used by the patient of diabetes as a substitute for sugar. But its daily usage can harm the body. So it is advisable to have organic honey or jaggery. In homes also we should try to use unprocessed sugar. People should not use them for maintaining their weight. As for reducing the weight, they should do physical exercise daily.

It should be taken by the patients of diabetes three times in a week so as to avoid its ill-effects. So many people have it like a regular fashion. They think they are taking a healthy product. But it is their intuition as they are unaware of its ill- effects. So a campaign should be organised to guide the people for its ill-effects. Even the doctors should also guide the patient for its proper usage and ill-effects. They should give them a complete lecture of 1 or 2 hours for its proper usage and ill-effects.

Thus, it depends on we people to analyses and has the information of each and every product before having it, and same is the case for Sugar-Free Natura.

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