Know Your Ayurvedic Body Type

Know Your Ayurvedic Body Type

Ayurveda by definition means the perfect dynamic sate of balance of environment, body and our mind.

Also referred to as one of the fastest modes for a healthy living, Ayurveda is based on a very basic path, which is developed or is suitable to one’s body type, which is also referred as dosha. The concept used in Ayurveda is to understand the various doshas and provide treatment or heal accordingly. The three known body types or doshas are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each dosha carries with itself some distinctive characteristics as the body type of any individual is entirely dependent on the emotional and physical attributes, which is different for every different people. For attaining healthy living and a healthy state of mind we must first know our body type or Dosha. Once we know the body type we can practice exercises, our lifestyles and our diet accordingly. This article will help you study Ayurveda in detail and hence will help you in reaching the goal of “Healthy Living”.

Advantages of knowing one’s Body Type-

· Self analysis of your body type or dosha will help you know about the condition and requirements of your body.

· An optimal health can be efficiently be attained, once we are aware of our dosha.

· A balanced between personal, professional, and family life can be easily maintained.

· Once you are aware of the requirements of your body you can plan your lifestyle accordingly.

· A balanced diet is also easy to maintain as dosha will help you study your body inside out.

· You can easily detect any impurity or imbalance in or around your system.

Ayurvedic Body Type No. 1: Know if you are a Vata

Air and Space conventionally govern Vata Body Type.

Body Structure – People who have Vata body type find it really difficult to gain weight.  Due to the fast metabolism, people with vata body types are usually thin and have bony structures. They have a strong sensation for cold and are usually cold with dry hair and skin.

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They might sometimes have a little of muscle tone. Pulses are comparatively very fast weak.

Lifestyle – People who belong to Vata class are generally very active and mobile. They often feel restless and are full of energy. The usual habits like eating, sleeping and other personal habits are inconsistent. The sexual desires are also irregular and vary in between extremes. As sleeping habits are also inconsistent, people belonging to this class are more prone to sleeping disorders like Insomnia.

Communication – People belonging to this class tend to speak a lot and they will thoroughly enjoy talking.

Mental State - Vata people are usually seen to have quick mental and emotional reflexes. They are extremely good in colleting and presenting emotions or any information etc. They can memorize quickly but have a very weak retention power and hence tend to forget things quickly.

Nature - The confidence is usually low in Vata people are generally shy and modest in nature. They are usually impatient about things but on the other hand they are very flexible and can adapt to changes quicklyLeadership qualities are also a prominent feature of Pitta people and are often influenced to attain such positions. They also appreciate competition in any field as a participant or even as a spectator.

Ayurvedic Body Type No.3: Know if you are a Kalpha

Earth and water elements govern Kalpha body types.

Body Structure – Large body types are prominent with people who belong to Kalpha body structure as compared to other body types. They usually have wide hips and broad shoulders. The texture of the hair is generally thick with waves. They are also blessed with good stamina and endurance. Kalpha people can gain weight easily and people from this category are more prone to being overweight.

Lifestyle – Kalpha people do not eat much as the appetite is low and the digestion is slow. They have an inclination for expensive and enjoy good smelling and luxury food. Physical activities are dormant and kalpha people are lethargic and take a lot time to get motivated for a task. They have a huge appetite for sleep and enjoy doing so.

Communication – Kalpha people are conventionally good looking with heavy strong and pleasant voice.

Mental State – Kalpha people have slow learning rate but have a good memory. They are very stable emotionally and are loyal.

Nature – People belonging to the respective body type enjoy being in familiar places. They can manage finances pretty well and are also extremely good providers too. To be more precise they are more tranquil and serene than people from any other body type. They take time to get excited or aroused, which happens not very often. They have an average intelligence and are tolerant and forgiving. They prefer being around family or known circle like in Clubs, groups or any other kind of community.

Why is it Important to maintain balance between the three Doshas?

All of the three doshas described above are active and reflect a constant alteration in their actions, thought processes and other activities. As we fail to treat our body in the desired way by consuming too much of junk and inappropriate food or hamper the healthy patter of lifestyle, a mental and physical imbalance might take place.

It is also very important to know that at any given point and time Dosha body type can be Balanced, Increased or Decreased.

Imbalanced Dosha can cause many serious problems like constipation, depression, irritation or mood swings.


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