Liquid Diet Which Keep You Healthy In Every Weather
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Liquid Diet Which Keep You Healthy In Every Weather

Liquid Diet Which Keep You Healthy In Every Weather

Nowadays, more and more people are interested towards body detoxification. When it comes to detoxification, detox diet is something that has gained utmost popularity among people. It is stated that a single day of taking liquid diet completely will go a long way in body detoxification. But, when relying on liquid diet for detoxification, the weather condition should be taken into consideration and it is also important to ensure that the individual can get nutrition from the liquids consumed. This means that he/she should take nutritious drinks like fresh fruit and vegetable juices and plenty of water. But, the drinks should be carefully chosen based on the climatic condition prevailing.

How about winter season?

Generally, during hot summer days we do not hesitate to take plenty of water, just because we easily feel thirsty, but when it comes to winter season, we do not feel like taking water. So, what can be the healthy liquid diet suitable for detoxification during winter season? Let us find out here:

Ginger tea:

During rainy and cold season, ginger will help not just in keeping you safe against cold and cough, but it will also help with digestion as well. You can take hot sip of ginger tea and it is good for detoxification without any doubt.

Warm mulled cider:

Apple cider vinegar is another drink suitable for detox diet and this can be boiled with mulling spices, ginger and orange zest that not just tastes good, but also good for winter season as well.

Mulled wine with cranberries:

Cranberries are stated to be ideal for detoxification. So, when you are planning for liquid diet for detox during winter, you can use mulled wine with cranberry extract to reduce coldness as well.

What kind of liquid diet to take for summer?

Nutrition food always tastes better when the food is seasonal.

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Nutrition food always tastes better when the food is seasonal. In addition, a number of summer foods are ideal for your waistline as well, if you are planning for a detox diet for losing weight. 

Cherry juice:

Cherries besides being rich in fiber content and high water content are rich in anti-inflammatory properties as well. In addition, this fruit is rich in antioxidants, which will help in improving your sleep and will also help in regulating your weight. So, never forget to include cherries in your detox diet for summer.


This veggie or fruit can be ideal for late summer months. When you are in detox diet, there are chances of dehydration, particularly during summer, but this can be avoided when you take tomato juice during your liquid diet. In addition, tomatoes are rich in potassium and in sodium as well. Potassium will also help in beating bloating.

Iced green tea:

When you are concerned about food and nutrition during summer, you can take iced green tea. Besides keeping you cool during summer, this antioxidant rich drink will also help in speeding up your metabolism, which is highly essential for your weight loss regimen.

For your diet plan during summer and winter, when you are particular about liquid diet, you can choose the above-mentioned foods.

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