Maternity Insurance - What To Know?

Maternity Insurance - What To Know?

Maternity insurance can be explained as a policy that comes up for covering medical expenses associated not only with delivery, but also with pregnancy as well. These policies will be helpful for expecting mothers to get a reimbursement of medical costs associated with visiting gynecologist, for hospital stays and for many other expenses associated with the new born baby. This is a special type of coverage dedicated to the mother and the newborn.

What does this policy cover?

The maternity insurance policy generally covers any unanticipated medical treatments and of course the medical costs associated with childbirth and even pregnancy.

Health insurance for maternity covers:

Generally, maternity coverage comes as a part of health insurance benefits. The benefits include not only pre-delivery expenses, but it also covers post care expenses, vaccination, medical expenses associated with new born and hospitalization expenses regardless of whether it is a normal delivery or cesarean. In addition, health insurance for maternity covers expenses associated with maximum of two deliveries. The amount of coverage will rely on the sum assured and the sub-limits will rely on the health cover chosen. When the sum assured is more, obviously there will be better coverage.

Applying for maternity insurance:

The waiting period for this coverage generally varies from 12-48 months and a new policy cannot provide protection to a woman, who is already pregnant.

Health insurance with maternity coverage can bring a wide range of benefits, if inclusions are deeply considered when purchasing the coverage. There are some exclusions like tests, consultation fee and pre hospitalization expenses. Some policies do not provide for expenses associated with treating the new born.

What to look for when purchasing a maternity coverage?

• It is better to check whether the insurance coverage provided by the employer has this coverage. So, women employees should check whether the insurance provided by their employer covers their maternity expenses. Most employers offer group insurance policy, where maternity expenses are covered

• Next thing to be analyzed is the waiting period applicable for claiming medical expenses

• Thirdly, the sub-limit applicable to the coverage should be checked

• Then, it is important to check whether the policy covers outpatient expenses associated with pregnancy

• Another important point to check is whether there is any exclusion related to the policy.

• In most of the group policies, maternity coverage comes as an add-on benefit and in this case there will be a sub-limit and so this amount should be verified.

• In most of the corporate policies, pre and post natal care are not covered. In such a case, it is better to opt for individual health insurance coverage with maternity benefits.


Maternity insurance is a critical component of any planned pregnancy and this coverage will get a great sense of relief to the new moms. Pregnancy should always be associated with better care and regular medical checkups, vaccinations, tests to ensure the appropriate growth of the baby, medicines in the form of vitamin and mineral supplements for ensuring the proper growth, etc…. All these expenses can be met without any fear of heavy expenses, when there is such a coverage for the newly-wed couples.

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