Natural Remedies To Lower Blood Pressure

Natural Remedies To Lower Blood Pressure

Bringing down the blood pressure (BP) level is something important for patients with high BP to ensure their healthier life. The reason is that a heightened BP can lead to a wide range of health issues inclusive of vision problems, kidney failure, heart attack and many more. It is true that people are forced to take regular medicines once it is diagnosed that they have high BP to keep the level under check. But, are there any permanent and natural remedies to this issue? Yes, there are natural remedies that can help them to keep the level at lower and here are the details in this regard:


Even though, this is a common edible content found in foods, many people discard it. But, this natural remedy has the property to keep the BP under check. It is found that the presence of a substance called as allicin in this spice can lower the onset of High BP. If you do not want to take the spice as it is, you can have it in powdered form as well.


This antioxidant rich natural remedy is rich in flavonoids and quercetin, which are forms of antioxidants. Studies show that people, who include these vegetables in their diet on a regular basis, had lower level of diastolic and systolic pressure. This will prevent the heart from working hard, thereby ensuring its health.


Among the endless health benefits from cinnamon, its efficiency in lowering BP is worth to consider and it can also combat the commencement of diabetes as well. Reports state that people, who consume water that has the essence of cinnamon, had lower blood sugar level.


Arterial pressure can be lowered by this tiny herb due to the presence of a substance called as carvacrol. It can lower both diastolic and systolic pressure and can keep the heart healthier.


Basil extracts are known for their tendency in lowering BP. Just having a few basil leaves every day, which are good in taste, will lower the chances of BP shoot up and many other health benefits.


Even though, it belongs to India, it is widely used in South Asian foods as well. In addition to enhancing the taste and aroma of foods, particularly sweet dishes, this spice has the ability to bring down high BP.


So, many food items that we use in our kitchen for garnishing purpose have great medicinal properties. For instance, hing, coriander seeds and cumin seeds are known to have great medicinal properties. This is why these ingredients are added to the Indian cuisines sparingly to ensure that their health benefits reach the consumers on a regular basis. Taking the above-mentioned herbs and spices can help people to lead a healthy life. Reports state that the lifestyle changes are the main reasons behind many health issues experienced by people these days and when the foods used by our elders are used again, we can again lead a healthy life.

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