Naturopathy Diet for PCOS

Naturopathy Diet for PCOS

Naturopathy Diet for PCOS

Do you know what is PCOD? This is the short form of Polycystic Ovarian Disorder and this condition is otherwise referred to as PCOS, wherein the S is expanded as Syndrome. This is a condition, wherein the ovary in a woman or multiple ovaries in her contain multiple cysts. Reports state that this condition affects about 4-10% of women in their childbearing age. Even though, irregular or no periods is considered the main sign for this condition, the symptoms generally differ from one woman to another. Even, there are chances that some women do not experience any symptoms at all. For identifying this condition, ultrasound scan is generally prescribed.

Symptoms of PCOD:

Here are some symptoms associated with cyst in Ovary:

  • Acne and growth of unwanted hair in the body like facial hair, around navel and nipples due to high androgen production is stated to be one of the main symptoms of this condition.
  • Insulin resistance
  • Miscarriage
  • Overweight/obesity
  • Irregular periods/no periods
  • Inadequate ovulation

When these symptoms are experienced, it is better to get an ultrasound to detect the presence of PCOS problem, so that appropriate PCOS treatment can be obtained. 

Treatment options:

When it comes to PCOS treatment, it is recommended that women should opt for natural treatment as against choosing chemical-based medications for this issue. Naturopathy treatment for ovary cyst will bring better results for women with this issue along with permanent result. Before getting into the details about this treatment, let us gather some details about the causes for this problem:

Causes of PCOS:

Hormonal change in the body is stated to be the major cause for PCOS problem. When analyzing the causes of hormonal changes, it is stated that excessive weight gain/obesity are the major contributors. This condition might be associated with adrenal, hypothalamus, thyroid and pituitary glands. Insulin resistance and irregularities in the blood sugar level are also stated to be contributors to PCOD. When the insulin is not able to take glucose to the cells, it will stimulate the ovaries for production of more androgen, which in turn leads to even more insulin resistance. It has been found that women, who are not overweight, but has PCOS problem have resistance to insulin.

Recommendations from naturopathy:

Naturopathy treatment for cyst in ovary involves lifestyle and healthy changes to deal with this problem. Naturopathy recommends the following PCOD diet:

  • Bring down the consumption of starchy foods.
  • Take more of protein based foods in your diet.
  • Never forget to consume essential fatty acids.
  • Consumption of healthy minerals is recommended.
  • Vitamin D-based foods will also help in dealing with this problem.

Lifestyle changes:

When relying on natural PCOS treatment, lifestyle changes are recommended. The first and foremost recommendation is to lose weight. Here, healthy exercise regimen can be followed, along with taking steps to relieve stress. Also, intake of processed carbohydrates should be reduced and taking whole grain carbohydrates like beans, brown rice and whole wheat will help. Studies show that just a 5% reduction of body weight will lower insulin levels and increase fertility, other than decreasing levels of testosterone in the body in PCOS patients. Moderate exercising will help with improving insulin resistance in women.

Natural medicines for PCOS:

Many women with ovary cyst will have lack of important vitamins and minerals in the body to ensure hormonal health. Some women take oral contraceptive pills for treating this health issue. But, this type of medicines can bring about a great imbalance in minerals and vitamins in the body. When you are considering a natural supplement of PCOS treatment, it is better to opt for a product with the following ingredients:

  • Amino acids
  • B Vitamins
  • Chromium
  • Co-enzyme Q10
  • Diindolylmethane DIM
  • Essential Minerals
  • Essential Vitamins
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium

Diet chart for PCOS Problem:

A healthy PCOD diet can bring a whole lot of benefits for women with this issue and here is a diet chart that can be followed by women with this issue:


  • A glass of milk.
  • A medium size mixed fruit platter.
  • A hardboiled egg


  • A small serving of carrot sticks or
  • A toasted whole wheat and bran muffin.


  • Half a cup of melon.
  • A medium size of homemade chicken chili.
  • A large glass of buttermilk.


  • Whole grain bread with peanut butter spread or
  • Yogurt berry parfait


  • A small serving of tossed salad.
  • Baked salmon with mixed vegetables.

To conclude, following healthy PCOD Diet along with some lifestyle changes and natural supplements can help women get out of this issue.

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