New Year Resolutions for parents

New Year Resolutions for parents

No matter how much time you spend with your kids each day, it is not enough for them. Your child needs you more than this. So this time make it a responsive effort to be there with them always or at least during their important moments, like the, sports day, open house day and annual function day.

Participate along with your kids and play all sorts of outdoor games that you can. This will help in building strong bond between parents and kids and also give you enough exercise to burn a few calories. Select weekends for this activity. This activity will help your child to be an active adult in future.

Grandparents are unmatched to any morals learnt from story books, textbooks. Make sure that your child spends some quality time with the elders to learn the true lessons of life.

Make sure that you have set routines for all kinds of activities for your child and yourself. It will help you manage time effectively and also give more attention to the work at hand. Be harsh with your time limits. Although, it is good to let go of routines at times, but know where to stop the line.

Some kind of Yoga, meditation or aerobics, anything that you can add into your routine is fine. You need an activity to relieve stress. This will help your health and take on the challenges of parenthood and life head-on.

Stop taking junk food, late night dinners and sugary foods. Then only your child will do. So if you want and worried about teaching good eating habits to your child, first you do the same.

Just like you seek for some personal time, your kids feel the same. So respect their privacy and try not to peep into their lives every now and then. Entrust them with your values and morals. That’s the only way you can gain their respect and confidence, especially with teenage chid.

You often tell your kids ‘Listen to me first,’ every time? This time apply it on yourself and listen more to your kids. You will get to know how much they have within to express and how much they appreciate your patience and time.

You need to let-go the things in life and sometimes for the benefit of your child. Many things your child can learn from experience of his own.

Try to be better parent for this you need to spend quality time with your partner. Your life wills lacking balance and love, the very essence of life, if you miss spending enough time with your partner while playing the other roles dutifully.



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# Rohan 2017-05-01
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# Dr. Pooja 2017-05-02
veneral diseases are those which can be spread through sexual contact, The spreading agents can bacteria ,viruses etc, The examples are syphilis and gonorrhoea can be can spread by sexual contact, you can also find list of Gynecologist in Bhadrak.
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