Organ donation day: Save lives of innocents

Organ donation day: Save lives of innocents

Motive of this day to build awareness regarding organ donation which will be celebrate on 13 August 2016. It is only initial step which can save many lives. In India approximate around 200,000 kidneys and 100,000 livers are required in every year in India and only about 2-3% got it. By reactionary guesswork about 90,000 Indians die in road accidents every year and 40% of those people are left ‘brain dead’. If we have enough donated organ for saving them, we can save many lives in every year. People should be enthusiastic on this event like they on Independence Day and Republic Day. Even Govt. should prepare some organization, plans, offers incentives or pay appreciation amount donor might be it can help to increase awareness among Indians.
In this year many organizations, NGOs, hospitals etc. arrange campaign or programs for this where they can express benefits of donations for future India. Because after death our body is worthless, it’s good if it will helps to other & gives them another chance to live or it helps to spread happiness in their life.

How to apply for donation campaign
We can register for donate card at any hospitals, NGOs or donate center. It can help you to donate your organs. The Donor Card permits to people for express their choice to turn into an organ donor. It is like making a will. By this card you are admitted to organ donation. Keep the Donor Card with you always in your purse or wallet. Inform your close ones, family member or other persons about your wish to be an organ donor. The Donor Card also replacement as an emergency card as it has the contact number in case of any emergency.

Time duration of organ, this can be taken after death
Typical repository times are 30 hours or less for a kidney, less than 12 hours for a pancreas or liver, and less than 6 hours for a heart or lungs. These times vary because of the relative speed at which deterioration begins in the organs' tissues. Eyes must be removed within 4-6 hours after death.

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