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Awareness of Ovarian Cancer Symptoms | Treatment

Awareness of Ovarian Cancer Symptoms | Treatment


Before actually gathering some details about ovarian cancer symptoms and ovarian cancer treatment options available at leading cancer hospitals in India, it would be better to get a fundamental understanding of this disease. Ovarian cancer is a kind of cancer that starts in the ovaries in women. There are two ovaries in women located on both sides of the uterus. These ovaries will be in the average size of an almond and they are responsible for producing eggs. Besides producing ova, which is the other name for an egg that is produced by ovaries, they are also responsible for producing the progesterone and estrogen hormones. Women are recommended to be aware of the early symptoms of ovarian cancer, such that they can get the right cure. Similar to any other type of cancer, early detection of this type of cancer will also help with better recovery chances as compared to a deduction at advanced stages.  Now, it is time to understand the symptoms.

Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer:

The problem with this type of cancer is that it goes undetected until it spreads within the pelvic region and abdomen. However, women are recommended to be aware of ovarian cancer symptoms at early stages, such that they can reach the doctor at a treatable stage. Yes, this disease is easy to treat when cancer is confined to ovaries. When talking about ovarian cancer treatment, chemotherapy combined with surgery or either one of them is recommended. Generally, it is hard to identify this disease early as the early-stage ovarian cancer rarely causes any symptoms. The advanced stage might cause few symptoms. However, these signs of ovarian cancer can also be easily mistaken for other common symptoms. Some of the common symptoms include:

  • Frequent need to urination

  • Changes in bowel movements like constipation

  • Some sort of discomfort in the pelvic region

  • Weight loss

  • Quickly feeling fullness when taking food

  • Abdominal bloating and swelling

Causes to Understand:

Many women are highly concerned about the causes of ovarian cancer, but the fact is that no clear reason has been established for this disease in women. In general, cancer starts when the genetic mutation turns healthy and normal cells into cancer cells. These cells quickly multiply themselves to cause a tumor. When it is not deducted in early stages of ovarian cancer, the tumor will spread to other areas by invading healthy tissues. Ovarian cancer is divided into a number of types on the basis of the type of cell in which cancer grows. Some of the types include stromal tumor, epithelial tumor and germ cell tumor. It is important for women to understand the risk factors for this disease. The factors like age, inherited gene mutation, estrogen hormone replacement therapy, age when menstruation starts and ends, infertility, smoking, use of intrauterine devices and PCOS can contribute towards this cancer.

Ovarian Cancer Treatment:

In addition to being aware of ovarian cancer symptoms, women are recommended to be aware of the treatment options available for this cancer. The most important factor to remember here is that early diagnosis of this cancer will help with complete recovery, but if it is diagnosed at later stages of ovarian cancer, ovarian cancer prognosis states that it is difficult to treat and fatal as well. However, regular gyno visit will help in identifying the early signs and in safe recovery. When talking about ovarian cancer treatment, it generally involves both surgery and chemotherapy. When it comes to surgery, the surgeon will recommend removal of ovaries and also the fallopian tube, the uterus and also the nearby lymph nodes. In addition, removal of a fold of fatty abdominal tissue, where ovarian cancer generally spreads will be done during surgery. However, if diagnosed early, removal of one ovary and its associated fallopian tube is the procedure. To kill the remaining cancer cells, chemotherapy might be recommended after surgery.

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