Ovulation Calculator Helps Women for Getting the Timing Right

Ovulation Calculator Helps Women for Getting the Timing Right

Ovulation Calculator Helps Women for Getting the Timing Right

An Online ovulation calculator is an excellent tool for women these days to calculate their most fertile days easily, such that they can make love on these days to increase the chances of their pregnancy. Nowadays, infertility is one of the biggest problems faced by couples, and when women are rightly aware of their ovulation days, they will be in a position to improve the chances of their pregnancy. It is stated that the women will be fertile during the first 24 hours of their day of ovulation. So, when they get to know the exact date of ovulation, they can make use of the 24-hour time nature has given them to increase the chances of getting a baby for which they have been longing for several years. In addition, even without such a calculator, when a lady listens to her body closely, she can understand the symptoms of ovulation and can accordingly plan her lovemaking with the partner to conceive.

A Fundamental Understanding of Ovulation:

We have been so far talking about ovulation calculator, but most women do not know what ovulation is. It is the process of release of an egg from the ovary of a woman. This happens every month for most women. If the egg that is released is fertilized and successfully implants, she will turn out to be a pregnant. Earlier, it was difficult to know the exact ovulation period. But, nowadays, with online calculators, women can get to know their approximate ovulation days and on the basis of the ovulation symptoms they experience, they can plan their association with the partner. Typically, ovulation occurs approximately between 12-16 days before the beginning of the next period. Women generally have cycles in the range of 26 and 32 days and this means that the ovulation generally happens during the midpoint of the period cycle in most women. However, the thing to remember here is that the exact day and timing of ovulation may vary from one period to another.

Importance of Understanding Ovulation period:

It is important to know the ovulation days because this is the important factor in getting pregnant. Not just for those planning for pregnancy, but also for those, who wish to prevent pregnancy, this type of due date calculator will be highly helpful. The online calculators generally ask the first day of the last period and also the general period cycle of a lady to identify her fertile days. In addition, those who do not have access to these calculators are recommended to keep themselves aware of ovulation symptoms, such that they can ensure or prevent pregnancy. A woman’s body will prepare itself for ovulation by producing cervical fluid. This fluid will make the place ideal for transporting sperm and before ovulation this fluid will be sticky, thick and tacky and so this type of fluid will be hostile to sperm preventing pregnancy. On the other hand, during the fertile period, this fluid will be thin and stretchy to permit the sperm, thereby making women more fertile.

Other symptoms:

Women also feel wetter when they ovulate. In addition, they will have breast tenderness due to the increase in progesterone levels during the ovulation period. The cervix will also be high, soft and open and they will have an increase in sex drive. Some women might also have to spot when they ovulate, and some might experience cramping or pain on one side of their stomach. Bloating is yet another common symptom, besides nausea, migraine, and headache in some. If a lady uses an ovulation calculator and experiences these symptoms rightly on the days showed by the calculator, it is a sure sign that ovulation has started. So, if they are planning for pregnancy, they can move ahead and also they should avoid if they do not want to conceive. Pregnancy calculator has now made things easier for women. Irrespective of whether they are looking for twin pregnancy or a single healthy baby, women can use such a calculator wisely.

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