Parents Be Alert – Obesity In Children Can Lead To Weak Bones
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Parents Be Alert – Obesity In Children Can Lead To Weak Bones

Parents Be Alert – Obesity In Children Can Lead To Weak Bones

Over the past two decades, there is a considerable increase in the number of kids, adults and adolescents diagnosed to be overweight and obesity in different parts of the world. Parents with such kids are to be aware of certain things and they should try to get their child out of excess weight. Besides causing health problems, obesity is something that can cause social problems when it begins right in the childhood. These problems not just begin in childhood, but they continue to intensify all through the life of the child. Some of these problems include depression, low self-esteem, obstructive sleep apnea, metabolic syndrome, pulmonary disease, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Apart from the problems mentioned above, obesity in children can lead to stress, tension, vitamin deficiencies and recent studies show that it can lead to weak bones, which in turn will affect their growth to a great extent. Parents are recommended to provide such a child with healthy diet and regular physical activity should be started for at least 35-60 minutes per day. This approach will help to ensure healthy weight and strong bones for the entire life.

More muscles in obese kids:

While obese kids tend to have more muscles, the high content of fat in the body can compromise other functions like bone growth as mentioned earlier. It is a common understanding that in the case of kids, muscles are strong elements that showcases how bones are going to grow. As obese children will have more muscles, it is suspected that they would have larger and stronger bones.

Study on bone geometry:

A group of researchers studied how muscles can influence varied characteristics of bone strength and geometry in kids. On the basis of the analysis of research that was published previously, scientists came to a conclusion that muscles are the strong contributors towards bone growth all through the childhood and adolescent stage. However, it was also found that this relationship might differ in the case of kids with higher body fat.

Conclusion of the study:

The excess fat that relates to obesity can be deposited within the muscles. Nowadays, more and more evidence show that fat within the muscles may have an effect on the growth of bones as per researchers. Excess fat content, particularly within the muscle can have an impact on the bone and muscle relationship in kids. Even though, this concept is still under investigation, but researchers are of the opinion that there is clearly a connection between the two.

The conclusion is that there is a potential harmful connection between the bone growth and body fat and therefore parents are recommended to make sure that their overweight or obese child should be motivated towards health with appropriate physical activities and diet.

Parents, particularly mother should be aware of the risk of obesity in kids like diabetes, weak bones and overall growth and should take suitable action to protect the child from health issues.

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