Stomach Pains are Fatal Know What Yours Signify
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Stomach Pains are Fatal Know What Yours Signify

Although the pain in the stomach or the abdominal area can originate from the tissues of the wall of the abdomen, for example abdominal muscles but the phrase abdominal pain is conventionally used to explain the pain arising from the organs that our within the cavity of the abdominal.

Such organs include the stomach, small intestine, liver, gallbladder, pancreas and colon. Pain might often be felt in the abdominal area even if it is not because of the abdomen and can arise from other organs that are nearby but not in the cavity of the abdominal. Examples of such organs include the kidneys, the uterus or ovaries and the lower lungs. In this article we have discussed about what does these various kinds of pain signify.

Why does the pain occur? -

· Inflammation commonly known as appendicitis or colitis.

· Any kind of tension or unusual stretching of the organ, bile ducts being blocked by gallstones or in worse case hepatitis in liver.

· Not adequate blood supply in the organ

· IBS or Irritated Bile Syndrome


Whenever you are visiting a clinic or a doctor personally it is very important that you provide him with the precise location of the origin of the pain and the level of it severity. Another important thing to remember is that you should mention the doctor about the frequency of the pain and its behavior after or before meals.


Extreme Pain Post Meals

Pain which arise post meals is generally due to the gas that is formed in the digestive system.  These pains can be treated without much effort using normal over the counter medicines.

Although it is usual for people to pass gas on a daily basis but sometimes, gas can also be mistaken for conditions like gallstones and heart diseases.



The basic reason behind the above mentioned condition is sometimes we tend to swallow air while eating or drinking. It may also be because of some particular ingredients that react with the bacteria present in the colon, for example pulses, whole grains, dairy products and dals.

Some other common ingredients that can be the reason for gas are sugar, fiber and starch as per the National Digestive Information Clearinghouse.


How to avoid it

· You should avoid overeating and eat small meals in short interval of time.

· Do not rush while eating and chewing. Chewing the food is very important as it is easy for the stomach to digest the food after proper chewing.

· Do not eat when you are upset, anxious or in a hurry, because stress can be a very important factor in the digestion procedure and has the potential to give birth to several problems.


Abdominal Pain in the left side

If it is paining in the left side of your stomach it might be a serious problem. The position of our stomach is not below the waist but this particular pain is not in the abdomen but down below the waist.


It can indicate the condition in the colon downwards. Inflammation or cancer of the colon downwards can also have an adverse effect on the wall of your abdomen. This is the irritation that gives birth to the pain your feel on the right side.


It is quite possible that it can hit the colon at its Cancer. When the pain is not very different, colonoscopy is the key to be precise. Through this respective technique your doctor gets to see the inside of you empty colone.


The painful sensation you are feeling can also be diverticulitis. In the mentioned condition there is inflammation in the pockets that are usually formed in the path of the large intestine.


Diarrhea can be cause by Crohn’s disease. This is may lead to blood discharge immediately. In some cases a careful prescribed diet can help but in some cases especially old age cases, it can only be treated by surgery.


Pain on the right side

There are few specific conditions and diseases listed under sensations of pain in the side of the abdomen.


Stone in Kidney: Conventionally the sensation pain arises in the back side of the body and gradually comes to the front. Though small stones do not hurt adversely but if the person is hurt around the region of abdomen he might feel pain more than usual.


Appendicitis: Sensation of pain in the lower quadrant is an indication of appendicitis. In few conditions the pain arises in the region of naval and stretches down till the stomach. The condition of appendicitis is extremely serious and should be taken care of immediately. The appendix is to be removed once it starts paining otherwise serious infections might grip your body, which might have equally severe consequences.


Stomach Ulcers: If the sensation of pain in the right side is followed by a sensation pain in the chest, and is more centered on the upper quadrant, you might be going through a condition which is commonly known as stomach ulcers. The sensation pain is extremely painful, repetitive and sharp and can get worse if the stomach is empty.

The condition of ulcers in the stomach can be easily cured if taken care of in its early stages and supported by a proper healthy diet chart and equally healthy lifestyle.


Other conditions

· The sensation of pain can also be because of a completely different reason like pancreatitis or ectopic pregnancy.

· Pancreatitis can begin with a sensation of pain in either one of these lower left or lower right region of the abdomen.

· Women who experiences ectopic pregnancy can commonly experience sensation of pain in the right side of the abdomen region.

· With people of age 20 to 50, inflammatory bowel disorders are very common. Ulcerative colitis is also a condition, which is common with younger people. It is also referred as pre-cursor to the cancer of colon.


The diagnosis can also be aided by the investigations mentioned below –

· Test of blood including the full count of the blood, urea, creatinine, pregnancy test, electrolytes, lipase and liver function test.

· Urinalysis

· Imaging including the general films of the abdomen and erect chest X-ray.

If the diagnosis is still unclear after all the above mentioned tests, basic history and basic investigations then diagnosis can also be revealed by a process of detailed and advanced investigations. Such investigations for detailed and precise diagnosis include –

· Computed Tomography of the pelvis or abdomen.

· Ultrasound of the abdomen of the pelvic

· Endoscopy or Colonoscopy (it is to be noted that these are not used for diagnosing extreme pain).





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