How To Choose and Use Sunscreen For Kids?

How To Choose and Use Sunscreen For Kids?

Sunscreens are used to protect the skin from harmful effects of the sun. There are separate categories of sunscreen for kids because their skin is sensitive.

What is the Best Sunscreen for Kids?

While choosing a sunscreen for kids give the preference to physical or chemical free sunscreen made with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. But keep one thing in your mind that if your baby is younger than six months then try not to take him outside on a sunny day and in a case of urgency protect the baby with sunscreen. The SPF factor for kids should be at least 15. The sunscreen for kids are different some of them are as follows:

  • Episencial Sunny Sunscreen
  • Neutrogena wet skin kids
  • Coppertone water babies delicate foaming lotion
  • robin sunscreen for children
  • Mustela high protection sun lotion

How to Select?

The first and foremost thing you will have to look is the SPF or Sun Protection Factor numbers. To prevent tanning and sunburn, it is important to choose the one with SPF of 30 or higher for sun protection. The product should provide protection against both UVA and UVB rays, and it would have been labelled as broad-spectrum.

 The reason is that for starters like kids, sprays are easy to breathe in, and there are chances of irritation to the lungs. Also, some of these sprays are inflammable as well. Also, when sprays are used, it will be difficult to say whether you have used enough protection to the skin, thereby increasing the risk of sunburn.

Other Factors to Consider:

  • It is recommended not to use kids sunscreens with PABA as it can lead to skin allergies
  • In the case of people with sensitive skin, particularly kids it is better to opt for the one with the active ingredient titanium dioxide.
  • If your teenage boy or girl wants to use the self-tanner product, it is better to opt for the one that offers UV protection as many products does not offer this protection or some offer only a few level of protection.
  • How about Babies?

    When it comes to babies younger than six months, mums are recommended to keep them away from the sun. However, the early morning sun will not cause any harm, but will help the baby to get enough vitamin D. When going outside, it is better to dress the baby in lightweight clothes that provide complete coverage to legs and arms. Also, do not forget to cover the head with a hat. If you cannot avoid taking the baby under the hot sun, you can use a little amount of sunscreen lotion on the exposed skin of the baby.

    How to Use Sunscreen?

    The skin of the babies is very sensitive so it should be used properly to them as follows:

  • Apply it whenever your child is under the sun and for better results, it is better to apply about 15-30 minutes before the child gets out of the house.
  • Most mums forget about ears, feet and the neck, and the lotion or cream should be applied to these areas as well.
  • Also, lips should also be protected with an SPF 30 lip balm.
  • To cover the exposed area of the skin, the lotion or cream should be applied generously for the best protection.
  • Also, it should be reapplied once in two hours if the child is sweating or swimming.
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