Superfoods To Boost Your Immunity

Superfoods To Boost Your Immunity

A superfood is that which contains a wide range of disease-fighting nutrients and it is readily available as well. Apart from these things, the foods that are falling under this category are delicious and economical as well. Also, they can be consumed easily without the need for added fat or salty seasoning. When it comes to foods that can boost the immunity, they can provide the body with the essential nutrients needed not only for fending off the infection and viruses, but also helps the body to fight against illnesses related to weak immune system like arthritis. Even, they can help in prevention of certain types of cancers. This is why people are recommended to rely on the following superfoods to keep themselves protected against cold and flu, particularly during climate changes:

Sweet potato:

This is one of the best sources of Vitamin A and reports state that just a single sweet potato has 561 percent of daily value of this vitamin as compared to one normal potato. The reason is that this vegetable has some serious immune-boosting powers. This vitamin is something that supports the immune health by improving the natural barrier to germs and other disease causing pathogens. It is possible to get the benefits for good health in a single sweet potato and it can be consumed in mashed, baked, sautéed or cubed format with onions for a tasty hash.

Greek yogurt:

Greek yogurt is a soft, dense and fermented snack food that is loaded with good bacteria called as probiotics. These probiotics can be helpful in improving the natural ability of the body to fight against infections and these probiotics can help in reduction of inflammation. In addition, it will also help in reduction of growth of harmful bacteria in the gut. Not just Greek Yogurt, but in any yogurt with the words ‘live and active culture’ written in the label can be consumed on a regular basis. The probiotics can help in meeting the daily, protein, potassium, vitamin D and calcium requirements.

Green tea:

Rich in potent antioxidants and polyphenols, green tea can help in lowering the risk of different types of cancers inclusive of pancreatic, stomach, colon and lung. Even, this tea can fight against bacteria that causes stomach ulcer as well. Even though, this is rich in immune-promoting properties, it is a source of caffeine as well. So, too much consumption of green tea should be avoided. One or two cups a day will be enough.


As a super food, garlic is a spice that in addition to adding flavor to the favorite foods is also rich in bioactive chemical called as allicin. This chemical is something that is believed to have antibacterial activity that will help in fighting against the infections caused by different types of bacteria. Even, it will help in fighting against common cold. Just a clove of raw garlic that is crushed can naturally boost the immune system health.

The other foods include mushrooms, oysters, honey and blueberries to improve immune functioning.

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