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The International Day of Persons with Disabilities

The international observance of a day for disabled people every year was declared in the year 1992. This was done by the United Nations General Assembly through a resolution 47/3. The main aim behind the observance of the day is to create an understanding of disability issues. The day also aims at mobilizing support for the well-being, rights and dignity of people with disabilities. The day also seeks to bring about an improvement in the awareness of benefits to be derived from the integration of people with disabilities in each and every aspect of social life, regardless of whether it is related to cultural aspect, economic, social or political aspects.

Film festival to honor the day:

To honor the day, an international film festival is organized every year right from the year 2016. This is done by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs. This is done as a part of the various events that are organized at the UN Headquarters. The United Nationals Enable Film Festival shortly called as UNEFF includes short-films that are in some way connected to disability, based on their content and message that can help to create awareness of disability issues and for further encouraging of whole and active participation of people with disabilities.

Photo exhibition:

It is planned to organize photo exhibition every year and it is stated that the UN Enable Photo Exhibition will work for helping in changing misperceptions with a view to work against stigma and stereotyping about physically disabled people. It is believed that this move will promote a better understanding about definition of disability and to consider disabled people as a part of human diversity.

Theme for 2016:

The United Nations has announced that the theme for international day of persons with disabilities, which will be celebrated on the 3rd of December, is ‘Inclusion matters: access and empowerment of people of all abilities’. On this day, it is important that we should keep ourselves aware of definition of disability and look for ways in which we can offer our small help to physically disabled people:

Definition of Disability:

Most of us think that disability is a term that is used for denoting physical disability alone. But, definition of disability reads that it is a physical or mental condition that restricts the activities, senses and movements of an individual. Another definition of disability reads that it is a handicap or disadvantage, particularly one that is imposed or recognized by the law. Disabilities are categorized under different categories like developmental disability, physical and mental disability.

What is developmental disability?

Developmental disability is nothing, but a diverse group of chronic conditions that arise because of mental or physical injuries. The problem with developmental disability is that it will force individuals living with them to face many difficulties in specific areas of life like independent living, self-help, learning, mobility and language.

Mental disability:

When talking about mentally disabled people, they can either be mentally retarded by birth or they might have faced some traumatic situations in their life that force them to mental instability. Nowadays, there are many types of behavioral and other types of treatment for mentally disabled people, if they face such a mental state after facing a tough situation in their life. Counseling is provided for these people to slowly get them out of the mental block that has disturbed their brain chemicals to a great extent.

Famous personalities with disabilities in India:

On the international day of persons with disabilities, we should provide the best hope to people with disabilities living near us and we should show them the examples of some people, who have achieved great heights even though they are disabled. Some of famous people with disabilities, who have made their mark in one way or another, are listed below:

Ø  Sudha Chandran the famous classical dancer has got her leg amputated after she met with an accident when she was 16.

Ø  Ravindra Jain, who was born with visual impairment, has made his mark in the Indian music industry as a great music director during 1970s.

Ø  Girish Sharma, who lost is leg in a train accident when he was a kid, did not stop him from becoming a badminton champion

Ø  Shekar Naik is an excellent example for someone, who has converted his disability into an opportunity. He has more than 32 centuries in his favor and he became the T20 Blind Cricket World Champion due to his dedication.

Ø  H. Ramakrishnan, who is a popular television personality now, lost both his legs when he was two and half years due to polio attack. Not just being a journalist, he is also the CEO of the SS Music Channel. He is also a musician.

Ø  Preethi Srinivasan was the captain of the under-19 Tamil Nadu Women’s Cricket Team. She was paralyzed below the neck after an unlucky accident during her swimming session. She is also continuing to provide support to women with disabilities.

Ø  Satendra Singh, the most acclaimed doctor lost himself to polio attack when he was nine months old. He is taking many initiatives towards the development of physically disabled. An inspirational person for those with disabilities though.

Ø  H. Boniface Prabhu is a leading quadriplegic wheelchair tennis player and he was also a medal winner at the 1998 World Championship. He also holds the Padmashri Award from the Indian Government.

Ø  Sai Prasad Viswanathan, lost his sensation in the lower part of his body when he was a kid. He has got his name registered in the Limca Book of Records by becoming India’s First Skydiver with disability and he made this dive from 14000 feet. He is also running an organization to provide scholarship for financially disabled students.


There are many other inspirational people in India like Akbar Khan, Arunima Sinha, Javed Abidi, Rajendra Singh Rahelu, Dr. Suresh Advani and Sadha Dhand to name a few. Some of them have developmental disabilities, while some are born with disabilities. But, they have made their name registered in the history of India in some way or other. Not just physically disabled people, but those of us, who are blessed with flawless bodies should also gain inspiration from these famous people with disabilities and should work towards some cause that will be of help to the society.

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