The Order of Birth has no effect on the IQ Level

The Order of Birth has no effect on the IQ Level

According to a study it was seen that the differences in various aspects between first born and later borns is significantly so small that it has no practical relevance to intelligence of personality development of the people.

Under the respective study around 377000 high school students were observed and it was noted that the first borns do possess higher IQs and hence consistently the personality traits differ too than those who are born later in the chronology of the family.

Lead author Brent Roberts in the department of psychology stated that this was conspicuously large for a sample size. He further stated that it is the largest when it comes to the history of birth order and personality.

People who are born first in the chronology of a family savor a one-IQ-point advantage over the people who were born later in the chronology of the family stated Rodica Damian who is a professor of psychology at the University of Houston.

Besides being statistically correct and significant the difference between the first borns and later borns is practically meaningless.

Respective analysis also revealed the significant and consistent differences related to personality traits between people who are born first and people who are born later in the chronology of the family. People who are born first tend to be more extroverted, conscientious and agreeable and face less anxiety the ones born later.

Robert said that” these differences were small, amounting to a correlation of 0.02," Roberts said.

Studies that were done earlier involved small sample sizes as several people compared children with their siblings as a “within family” architecture that few assert is better than observing and studying children from two different families.


Damian further stated that “The message of this study is that birth order probably should not influence your parenting, because it's not meaningfully related to your kid's personality or IQ."

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