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Things To Remember After A Teeth Whitening Treatment

If you wish to brighten your smile, it is something that can be done easier these days. Yes, you can opt for teeth whitening treatment or even, you can opt for home treatment kids for getting a white dental line. But, most people experience sensitivity after this treatment, irrespective of whether they use home kit or get the treatment done from a dentist. Here are certain things you can follow, when you experience sensitivity after this treatment:

Sensitivity toothpaste:

You can use sensitivity toothpaste immediately after this whitening treatment, if you experience sensitivity. Generally, tooth pastes under this category are formulated with ingredients like potassium nitrate for relieving the pain connectivity with sensitivity.

Use chewing gum:

When you chew a gum, more saliva will be produced and when you do this, your concentration will be on chewing and so you will be distracted from the pain caused due to sensitivity.

Avoid whitening for a while:

When you experience sensitivity after whitening, it is better to keep away from using whitening products for a while and this will help you in finding some relief.

Apart from finding the right relief for sensitivity after the whitening treatment, it is also important to prevent discoloration after this treatment and here are some tips for the same:

Keep away from foods and beverages that can cause stain:

Do you know that tomato sauce, coffee, tea, soda, hard chocolates and berries can cause discoloration? So, it is better to keep away from these foods to postpone the whitening treatment again.

Use a straw:

If you cannot keep away from the above-mentioned foods, the best thing you can do is to use a straw for drinking them. The reason is that they do not touch the dental line when they are consumed with the help of straw.

Quit smoking:

Smoking is stated to be the important reason behind tooth discoloration. After you get a whitening treatment for removing these stains, it is better to quit this habit to postpone the frequency of getting the whitening treatment again.

It is true that whitening is not a single-time treatment and it should be done regularly, if you are looking for a bright smile. But, you can postpone the same when you follow the tips given above.

Are there any risks associated with whitening treatment?

This treatment is unlikely to cause any serious side-effect. However, some people experience that their dental line has become too much sensitive for a short while, after this treatment. Even, there are chances of mild gum irritation as well. Carrying women are recommended to keep away from whitening. Even though, the effect of whitening materials on the growth of fetus is not known, as it is a cosmetic procedure, carrying moms are recommended to get it done after childbirth.

As mentioned earlier, you can either opt for home kits or even you can seek the help of your dentist to get this treatment done from a dentist.

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