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Things You Should Never Do Before A Workout Session

You might have been suggested by your health care provider to include regular exercises in your day-to-day activities or you might be doing it out of your own health consciousness. Regardless of the reason behind your regular exercise session, you should remember certain rules that will save you from injury and will also help in ensuring an effective workout session.

If you are new to the exercise regime and have just now enrolled yourself in a gym to visit regularly for ensuring your fitness, there are certain things that you should not do, to ensure safe sessions. Here are certain don’ts to know:

Do not eat heavy meal close to the session:

When you exercise on a heavy stomach, you will experience cramps and discomfort. There are chances that this might force you to quit the entire session. So, it is better to make sure that you get a minimum of 2 hours of break between your heavy meal and exercise session.

Do not be on an empty stomach:

Your body needs energy to be able to engage in exercises in an efficient and effective manner. When your stomach is empty, the body will not have the fuel for movement. Carbohydrates can start up your body and this mineral will then allow fats to take over in the process of burning. So, before an hour or 30 minutes prior to your session, you can take any complex carbohydrate like a fruit or a handful of nuts.

Do not do bouncy or static stretches:

When you stretch a cold muscle, it can lead to muscle pull or in worst case, it can also tear. When the muscles are cold, they will have lack of elasticity and so they are more prone to injury. So, make sure to have a warm up session before exercising and during the warm up session, you can make some gentle rhythmic movements like jogging and knee raises. This will open up the muscles and can prepare them for the activity that is going to follow.

High intensity cardio should be avoided:

If you have weight lifting in your agenda, remember to avoid high intensity cardio interval training before the weight lifting session. The reason is that weight lifting is an exercise that places high demand on the body and this type of workout will deplete the energy making ability of the body to make the lifting too hard. On the other hand, a short and light sustained cardio exercise will help you warm up, so that muscles will be prepared for weight lifting.

Do not take painkillers:

Painkillers generally relax muscles, which can create an encounter effect on the muscles and can hinder the exercise session. If you are in need of pain medication, it can be the best idea to skip the exercise regimen. But, you can do light cardio exercises or a moderate paced walk when taking painkillers.

Apart from these things, you should also keep away from drinking alcohol before the exercise regimen.

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