To Know How We Can Protect Our Skin In Different Weathers

To Know How We Can Protect Our Skin In Different Weathers

To Know How We Can Protect Our Skin In Different Weathers

If you have lived in the same place for a whole, then you might probably have missed your skin-cleansing regimen. It is the human nature to attach to a skin care regimen, if they find it to be working out for them. They do this until they find themselves in a different weather and until their skin shows any difference. Can you remember what happened to your skin when you went to a vacation in a hot or humid climate? Your skin might have reacted in some way or other. It might have either become dry or oil or even you might have experienced brake outs in skin. So, regardless of whether you have a dry or oily skin, changes in the weather is sure to affect your skin and the method in which it should clean your skin. However, when you can understand how your skin will react to these seasonal changes, you can easily understand and remember some effective skin care tips.

Climates that can affect your skin:

There are four different climates that can bring a negative impact on your skin. The seasons are warm, cold, humid and dry. Remember that is it not at all compulsory that your skin will have to face some changes to itself whenever you visit a vacation spot and all  you should do to avoid the same is to take some preventive actions. The skin care tips to follow will differ from one climate to another.

How about cleansing in the case of dry climate?

You might be well-aware of the fact that most of the places in the world have a dry climate during most parts of the year as compared to other types of climate. As the name very well suggests, this type of climate can very well dry out your skin. In addition, such a type of climate can lead to skin conditions like nummular dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema. So, dry skin care should be taken, when you visit a place with dry climate. To prevent over drying, you should keep your showers short and should pat dry yourself. Even though, you might feel it to be illogical, taking long showers can cause more dryness to your skin, thereby leading to irritation. You can use a moisturizing body wash that is specially designed for dry skin. In any part of the skin that is itchy and dry, avoid using soap on that area.

Regardless of the cleansing method you use during dry climate, the crucial point is keep it moisturized. You should use the best moisturizer for dry skin. But, remember to avoid water-based lotions as they can further dry up your skin. You can rather use petroleum-based moisturizer or baby oil and should apply the same within three minutes of showering or bathing, so that your skin will retain the moisture level. When it comes to the best moisturizer for dry skin, it is stated that products with almond oil, aloe vera or shea butter can be the ideal choice. Even though, dryness can bring a negative impact on your skin, too much moisturizer is also not advisable. 

What in the case of humid climate?

When you are looking for tips for glowing skin, you should consider some tips, when you are planning for a vacation in a place with humid climate. As against inadequate humidity found in dry climates, in the case of humid climate, there will be abundance of humidity. In most places, you will be in a position to exactly feel the humidity hanging in the air.

In the case of places with humid climate, your pores will turn out to be overactive, thereby producing sweat to cool your body. This in turn will leave you open to breakouts, particularly if you are an individual with oily skin. In such a case, you should learn, how clean oily skin? You can cleanse your skin for a minimum of once a day, with the help of warm water or you can also opt for non-comedogenic skin cleanser. This means that this type of cleanser will not clog the pores. You can opt for skin care products with salicylic acid, which can be effective in skin exfoliation. If you have acne, you can go for cleanser or tropical treatment that has benzoyl peroxide, which is a chemical that is known for its effectiveness in acne-causing bacteria. But, both the ingredients mentioned here can make the skin highly sensitive to sunlight. So, you can wear sunscreen at daytimes and can use these products at nights.

What in case you visit a place with cold climate?

The longer you move from the equator, the cooler will be the climate. However, cold weather will affect your skin just like dry climate. When it is cold outside, you can feel like taking a long and hot shower. But, this can further dry out your skin. So, keep your shower short with moderate water temperature and you can use a moisturizing body wash. After bathing, you can apply the best moisturizer for dry skin, to prevent water evaporation from the surface of the skin.

In case, you skin has become cracked, tight, red and it has started peeling, you can apply an OTC moisturizer with lactic acid, shea butter, aloe vera or urea.

How about cleansing in warm climate?

Warm weather is something that can be classified as either dry or humid. When you visit a place with such a climate, identify whether you should pack a drying astringent or a moisturizing cleanser. If it is warm and humid climate, it is better to be prepared to shower for two times a day and you can use cleanser or body shrub with salicylic acid. In case the climate is dry and warm, you should take cooler and shorter showers and you can pack along with you a petroleum-based moisturizer or baby oil to apply after showering or bathing.

So, when you are looking for tips for glowing skin, it is highly important that you will have to consider the climate and should accordingly choose a remedy.

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