To Know More About Adulterated Food and Its Impact On Health
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To Know More About Adulterated Food and Its Impact On Health

Food Adulteration is a term defined by the addition of unhygienic and insecure food ingredients and reducing its standards. And thus the food substance fails to convene federal/state standards of food safety. It can be due to the raise the amount of that particular substance in its raw form o the prepared form, which may also cause reducing in actual quality of the same.

There are many kitchen tricks to find out whether the food is adulterated or not, these have been described in the followed article. This food adulteration have very severe effects on our health, since people are consuming thee food items without checking and therefore are at high risk of health disorders. Although, govt. are taking steps towards it but as usual the acts enforced by the government are not been followed strictly. Now it becomes our duty to take some preventive measures towards it, such as checking the expiry date and source of the product could help.

Any food item is said to be adulterated if:

  • If some despicable or substandard substances have been present in it partially or on complete basis.
  • If some ingredient of the same have been partially or wholly preoccupied.
  • If that food item has been made, packed and stored under unhygienic conditions.
  • If it contains certain smutty, rotten, unhealthy or decayed animal or vegetable or it has been infected with the pests.
  • If the food item consists of certain poisonous constituent.
  • If the food item has unstipulated coloring substance or it has been laid in excess of the standard limits.
  • If the food item have certain restricted preservative in undue amount.
  • If the quality of food item descends below its required standard.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)

HACCP, also referred to as  Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point,  is an organization in which the food safety and purity is intended through study and management of chemical, physical or biological hazards from the manufacture of raw material and its acquiring and treatment, to its production, sales and utilization up to the finished food item.

Tricks to find out Adulteration in food items

Food Adulteration is a commonly seen problem which exists around the whole world, in every country and state. This turns your daily food substances somewhat unhygienic and perilous. However, it is intricate to remove it instantaneously via following kitchen tactics for staying safe. So we are providing simple kitchen tricks to find out the food adulteration in regular ingredients of food.

1. Turmeric & Pulses (like moong, channa etc): Metallic Yellow is added to increase the yellow color of the food item, such as in kesari dal.

  • Test to determine adulterant: Mix half-spoon of turmeric powder or besan in 20ML water (lukewarm). Include some drops of certain acid (such as hydrochloric acid) and observe if the water changes to pink or purple or violet color, it depicts the presence of Metallic Yellow.
  • Detrimental Outcomes: It’s extremely carcinogenic & if used for incessant duration of time and also results in stomach disorders.

2. Green Peas / Chilly / other Vegetable’s food adulterant: To emphasize the vivid and radiant color of the vegetable, malachite green is combined in them.

  • Test to determine Adulterant: Take a tiny part of the food item and put it on the dampened white blemishing paper. And if the colored swayed on the blemishing paper, it depicts the presence of Malachite green on it.
  • Detrimental Outcomes: The Malachite green is a colored dye in actuality and it has been evident to be carcinogenic for us (human beings) if in taken for prolonged time.

3. Mustard Seeds / Oil Adulterant: The argemone seeds are added to these food items to increase their weight.

  • Test to determine Adulterant: The argemone seeds have white color inside, if it is pressed you can see the same and also have somewhat rough surface then mustard seeds. And on the other hand, the mustard seeds are very smooth and have yellow color inside.
  • Detrimental Outcomes: The utilization of these seeds could result in endemic dropsy & critical glaucoma. The adolescent people and senior people with lack of immunity power are more prone to these.

4. Paneer / Cheese / Condensed Milk / Khoya & other milk adulterant: In these food substances starch is added to give them a strong and loaded texture.

  • Test to determine adulterant: Take a little sample in certain test tube and mix 20 ML of water in it and then boil it. Then cool it for some time to the room temperature and include one or two drops of iodine mixture. If the mixture changes to blue color, it depicts the presence of starch.
  • Detrimental Outcomes: The mixing of unhealthy, untreated water or starch can result in stomach disorders. It extremely diminishes the dietary amount of the constituents.

5. Ice-Cream: In ice creams, washing powder is being added to increase the bright white shine and the buoyancy of its flavor.

  • Test to determine adulterant: Few drops of lemon juice can help to show the presence of washing powder in it. If by adding lemon juice the ice cream begins to forming bubbles and lather, it confirms the presence of washing powder.
  • Detrimental Outcomes: This adulterant can result critical disorders in stomach & liver.

6. Black Pepper: The papaya seeds are added as an adulterant to increase their bulk or weight. 

  • Test to Determine Adulterant: Make the sample of this food substance float in the alcohol and if the black pepper corns sink in it, these are real black pepper and if not they are the papaya seeds, which floats on its surface.
  • Detrimental Outcomes: The seeds of papaya can result in severe liver or stomach disorders.

Govt. Steps towards Food Adulteration

The govt. of India is entirely aware of the probabilities of the food substance being adulterated. It has consequently, sanctioned many firms and propagated numeral acts & orders to make a bond in danger. Firms & Institutes have also been generated to put down customary standards for the superiority of food substances. The way in which the food is developed and presented is also concealed by numeral directives. The subsequent events have been in use by the govt. agencies to manage the quality of food substances:

Prevention of food adulteration via act

The initial acts which are to be disseminated in this association were the Prevention of Food Adulteration Acts of 1954, which have been enforced since 1st Jun, 1955. The act was intended to make sure that the food items purchased by the people are pure and doesn’t contain any harmful substance and thus preventing frauds and cheats and persuades fair deals. This act was revised in 1964 and yet again in the year 1976, to promote ambiguities for getting escape in the act and to assure rigorous penalties for those people indulged in these types of despicable practices.

This act proscribes the production, sale & supply of not merely adulterated food items but in addition, foods infected with the venomous and non-branded foods. A  Vital Food Laboratory situated at Calcutta and the Chief Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore has also been familiar with the determination of adulterated foods. A central group for certain food standards has been comprised under that act and has been stimulated with the operation of counseling the Central Govt. on matters regarding to the food standards.

In accordance with the act, an item of food would be considered to be adulterated, if:

  • If the item purchased by the customers are not natural substances and its quality is not that pure as it is depicted.
  • If it comprises of some other constituents or manufactured in order to affect us injuriously.
  • If certain cheaper constituent has been added partially or completely in the food item.
  • If it has been prepared, packaged and stored under unhygienic conditions and thus turns contaminated and injurious to our health.
  • If it contain certain unhealthy, rotten, rancid or moldy substance or insect-infected and thus not fit for the consumption.
  • If it has been extracted from the diseased living being.
  • If it comprises of particular poisonous substance or the substance which may cause injury to our health.
  • If it is compiled of coloring substance in inaccurate amount instead of its prescribed quantity according to the standards.
  • If it comprised of restricted or improper preservatives in large amount in opposition to its prescribed quantity.
  • If the quality of the food item is not up to the standard as decided by the government.

Effects of Food Adulteration on Us

Eating habits of individuals are varying continuously

Despite the fact, conventionally the Indian people used to prepare their food at their houses with nourishing constituents and take care of what they are in taking but, nowadays, with modernization and privileged circumstances they are turning towards fast foods and consuming the same in distinct restros. The foods prepared at these places are cooked with lack of quality constituents to fascinate the taste and appetite of the individual in spite of providing them the dietary food that maintains their health. We are now having plenty of selections of food items. Although, many of us might not be aware from the fact that the foods we’re in taking are adulterated, almost twenty to thirty percent of the food items in our country have been adulterated intentionally.

Unhygienic and Unhealthy Food: 

Food Adulteration is the process of addition or elimination of certain substances from the food item so as to make the profit and thus affecting the purity and quality of the same. Adulterated foods are unhygienic, unhealthy and impure and thus have no means. Foods are being adulterated sometimes intentionally and accidentally as well. The accidental adulteration is a consequence of unawareness or the shortage of facilities to preserve the quality of the food. This might be due to the pesticides or the fertilizers effect on it. Improper management of foods and its packaging procedures may also cause adulteration in foods.

The pre-planned food adulteration is commonly seen for the purpose of making profit or gaining in financial terms. The commonly seen method is via adding color in distinct food items referred to as color adulteration. Some instances of premeditated adulteration are including water in the milk, irrelevant substances in ground spices, or elimination or substitution of concrete from the natural products of milk. Natural Adulteration happens because of the presence of particular chemicals, natural substances or radicals occurring physically in foods which are detrimental for health and are not comprised within the foods either with intention or by ignorance.


Some of the instances include noxious types of pulses, green vegetables, mushrooms, fishes and sea foods etc. Approximately about five thousand varieties of marine fishes are considered to be poisonous and several of these are being consumed by us.

Beyond Safety n Purity Constraints

The mineral oil which when combined with cooking oil and facts, can result in diseases such as cancer. The Lead Chromate which is an adulterant of turmeric powder & spices can initiate paralysis, anemia, brain hemorrhage and pregnancy complications (even abortions) etc. When cobalt is mixed with water or liquids can result in the damage in cardiac system. The copper, zinc or tin when used as an adulterant can cause disorders like vomiting, colic or even diarrhea. 

Preventive Measures of food adulteration

The preeminent way to avoid the health disorders in human being is to prevent them before happening. There are many ways via we can make sure that we are safe. We can initiate by procuring interest in the vendor’s shop (from where you buy the ingredients of food). We are also required to confirm whether these food items are consistently checked by the food inspectors or not and are also stored under hygienic conditions. We are required to confirm that their packaging is up to the mark or not and also see their expiry date and also the origin of the product. It is also obligatory to converse with our society members to check if any individual is getting sick after consuming any food ingredient bought from a specific retailer or from a hotel or restaurant. We should also make the people aware of the appalling effects of food adulteration so that when they found something like this, they know what action they have to take?


We are necessitated to keep in mind that the infectivity could occur in minute quantities as well for prolonged time and it may not be possible to determine or gets late to intercede. Therefore, it is sensible that each and every person should take interest in this topic and let their dear ones aware about this peril.

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