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Top Orange Color Foods To Improve Your Health

Orange is a color that brings together the energy of red and the happiness associated with yellow. This color is generally associated with sunshine, joy and the tropics. It is used for denoting happiness, charm, fervor, fortitude, inspiration, motivation, stimulation, success and of course spirituality. When it comes to human eye, it is considered to be a color that gives the sensation of heat. However, it is not an aggressive color like red. It can increase the supply of oxygen to the brain and it is also known to bring about an invigorating effect, apart from stimulating mental activity.

With all these significances associated with this color, we also come across many fruits and vegetables that are good for human health with this color. Here are top 5 orange color foods that can help humans to a great extent in improving their health:


When it comes to vegetables in this color, carrots are the first to hit our minds. This vegetable is considered a superfood for the eyes. Reports state that a single medium-sized carrot has as much as 200% of daily Vitamin A requirements of the humans. Regular intake of this vegetable that is also rich in beta carotene can bring many health benefits to the humans.


Just like carrots, pumpkin is also rich in Vitamin A. The great this about this veggie is that it can add great taste to the cuisines. Also, this is the right food to be included in the diet of people looking for healthy weight loss. The reason is that 100 grams serving of this veggie contains just 26 calories.


Reports state that a single medium-sized orange fruit can fulfill nearly 72% of our daily requirement of Vitamin C. This is a nutrient that is good for the healthy functioning of heart, skin and the immune system.


This is another orange colored fruit that is a good source of Vitamin C.  Also, these fruits are known to have the digestive enzyme known as papain along with fiber. In addition, this fruit can also provide excellent relief from constipation as well.


Even though, some might argue that this is a fruit that is yellow in color, there are certain varieties of mangoes that are orange in color. Apart from providing great satisfaction to our taste buds, these fruits are known to be healthy source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

In addition to contributing towards health in humans in the form of fruits and vegetables, orange is a color that is considered to be close to spirituality. Here is the significance of different shades of this color:

• Dark orange is something that denotes distrust

• Red-orange is something that showcases action, thirst, aggression, domination, pleasure and sexual desire

• Golden shade of this color symbolizes passion, wealth, wisdom and high quality.

So, if you are an individual, who give more value to colors, let orange become a part of your life and let it help you lead a healthy life.

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