Types Of Depression And Their Symptoms

Types Of Depression And Their Symptoms

Depression is the most common problem experienced by humans. It is true that each one of us will come across a depressed period in our lives, but the thing is that we should get out of it before it can create ill-effects on our emotional and physical health. When an individual stays continuously in depressed state for longer period, it will induce suicidal thought in him. This is why it is recommended that people should be aware of the kinds of depression and their symptoms, such that they can seek medical help, before the problem deepens.

General symptoms of depression:

Generally, depressed mental state for a longer period of time will create many symptoms and they are emotional imbalances, anxiety, feeling of recklessness and sickness for everything, lack of sleep, lack of appetite, anger, uneasiness, anxiety, emotional imbalance and lack of concentration.

What causes depression?

Some of the factors contributing to depression are prolonged anxiety, heart health issues, Parkinson’s disease, long-term intake of drugs for some health issues and long-term consumption of alcohol, confused mindset and diabetes. Even, sudden loss of a close family member, failures and long-term personal and professional problems can lead to depression. Now, let us get into the details about the different types of depression along with their symptoms:

Major depression:

In this case, the patient will experience too high symptoms like lack of sleep, lack of concentration on any task and lack of appetite.

Dysthymic depression:

This type runs for longer time, but the patients will experience less similar signs from the list mentioned earlier. Even, in some cases, the patient will never be in a position to trace the symptoms. People with this type of depression look normal, but they will have this mental health issue from inside them. In some patients, the symptoms come and go unnoticeably.

Psychotic depression:

When a patient has any of the above-mentioned symptoms along with delusions and hallucinations, it is categorized as psychotic depression.

Postnatal depression:

This type as the name implies occurs after childbirth in moms. This happens due to the heavy hormonal changes taking place in the body during childbirth.

Seasonal depression:

As the name of this type suggests, it occurs as a result of seasonal changes.  The strange thing about this type is that every year the patients will experience depressed state of mind during climatic changes. The condition will slowly improve with along with the seasonal lapse.

Even though, each of the depressed patients will experience different symptoms, there are some issues that are experienced commonly by all. It is important to keep aware of these symptoms, so that preventive measures given below can be taken:

Precautions to take:

• It is better to develop healthy lifestyle

• Yoga and workout can be practiced

• It is better to take foods rich in zinc, Vitamin C and B12

• It is better to get the help of a psychiatric if any of the above-mentioned symptoms are experienced for a longer period.

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