Vidyarthi - Mediclaim for Students

Vidyarthi - Mediclaim for Students

This is a new policy planed for students in registered educational institutions within India to provide financial protection towards their Hospitalization and continuation of studies in case of death / disablement of the parents / legal Guardian.  

Educational institutions are also eligible to take group policy covering named students enrolled with them.

Policy highlights :

Policy Coverage :

The policy has been divided into 3 sections, to cover – Hospitalization expenses of the student, Personal Accident (Death / Permanent Total disablement) of the parent / legal guardian of the insured students and also personal accident of the student.

Sum Insured :

Ranges should be between Rs.50000/- to Rs.400000/-

Low Premium:

The premium for hospitalization expenses is considerably lower compared to the standard Mediclaim Policy

Tax Benefit:

The insured students’ guardian will be eligible for deduction under Sec 80D of the income Tax Act, 1961

Cashless access:


The policy will be serviced by authorised TPA’s (Third Party Administrators) for hospitalization. Cashless retrieve service available through Network hospitals/ nursing homes subject to pre-authorization of TPA for hospitalization claims.

Accrued Benefits:

On attaining the age of 25 years the student would be outside the policy’s purview and all accrued benefits would be available to him/her under standard mediclaim policy provided there is no break in continuity of cover.

Cumulative Bonus or Discount:

Available as per policy conditions

Group Discounts:

Ranging from 10% to 30% depending on group size


For more detail regarding this you can contact your nearest NIC Office


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