Vitamin B3 Can Cut The Risk of Skin Cancer

Vitamin B3 Can Cut The Risk of Skin Cancer

If you are of the opinion that wearing sun glass will be enough for protecting your skin against skin cancer, you might be wrong. The reason is that your skin needs even more protection and a recent study has revealed the Vitamin B3, can bring down the risk of skin cancer to a great extent.

Australian study:

A study was conducted in Australia as the first-of-its-kind has discovered that vitamins are capable enough to bring down the risk of most common forms of skin cancer that can get back in people with a history of developing, the comparatively harmless, but problematic growths.

B3 Vitamin benefits towards skin cancer:

The study was conducted among a group of people, wherein it was found that a group of people, who were taking a particular type of Vitamin B3 continuously for a year were 23 percent lower at the risk of developing new forms of skin cancer as compared to those, who took placebo pills.

Persistent forms can be prevented:

It was found in the study that the risk of melanoma, which is the deadliest form of skin cancer, was not assessed by the team that conducted the research. They just focused on other forms, namely; basal and squamous skin cancer that were the most common forms that are capable of returning back, even after a patient gets complete cure for the same. These cancerous growths are expensive to remove and they require procedures like surgery, freezing or radiation. After assessment of the new findings, the team of researchers found that the vitamin called as Nicotinamide can be the excellent option to bring down the risk of some forms of skin cancer.

Vitamin for prevention:

Vitamins are known to be the excellent means of preventing this health issue. However, this vitamin is recommended only for those, who earlier had any of the above-mentioned forms of this disease earlier in the life. It is not meant for the general population. The best method these people without prior skin cancer exposure are recommended to minimize their exposure to direct sunlight with the help of sun screens to protect themselves from the disease.

More about the study:

The above-mentioned study was conducted among 386 people, who were diagnosed to have a minimum of two episodes of skin cancer in the past 5 years. The participants were given 500 milligrams of vitamin pills and dummy pills, without identifying, who was given vitamin pills and we were given dummy. The report revealed that the vitamin use not only reduced the risk of skin cancer, but also it was helpful in cutting down the rate of pre-cancers by about 11 percent after taking the vitamin pills for three months and by about 20 percent after taking the same for 9 months. Actinic keratosis is the pre-cancer stage for this disease. Researchers kept track of people falling under both groups for about 6 months after the pills were stopped and it was found that the rate of new skin cancers were similar under both categories. So, regular consumption of this vitamin is recommended.

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