Want To know About Chronic Pain

Want To know About Chronic Pain

Even though, pain is a rare occurrence in some people, for some it occurs frequently regardless of the place of occurrence. The important point to be remembered by people suffering from pain is that it can be a sign of some illnesses in the body. A stiffness, tightness or a tingling sensation tries to say that the muscles have become damaged due to over work. Generally, any ache that continues for a long-term (i.e.) for about 3 months or longer is stated as chronic pain.

This type of ache can strike any part of the body and it is most commonly experienced by people in their lower back and the severity may range from mild to severe. It can be experienced as stiffness, aching, burning sensation or sudden sharp pain as well. Even though, pain that follows a disease or injury is something normal, a persistent pain can affect both the personal and professional life of sufferers. The reason is that repeated pain in a particular area can affect the individual not only physically, but also emotionally as well. The emotional stress can worsen the symptoms further and can even weaken the immune system as well. The output will be depression, fatigue and even infection as well. Here, are some triggers that can induce the pain include:

Triggers of chronic pain:

Some of the root causes contributing towards this type of persistent pain include:

Brain chemical: If the brain chemicals that are responsible for bringing down are not produced properly, it can lead to ongoing pain.

Neurogenic: This trigger is associated with the damage to the central nervous system, wherein damaged nerves contribute towards pain.

Psychogenic: A mental or emotional issue even without a physical damage to the nerves in the nervous system can also be a contributing factor.

Psychological factor: Pain can be a result of psychiatric illness or personality issues that shows up in the form of physical ache.

Unidentifiable: There are chances that some people will experience pain without any identifiable cause as every test conducted for identifying the cause behind has proven to be negative.

What are the risk factors?

It becomes important for the sufferers to understand the risk factors associated with such a persistent ache:

Age: Even though, continuous ache is not a normal part of aging, conditions like arthritis and diabetes, which are known to appear with age can contribute towards chronic pain and nerve destruction.

Health conditions: Some health conditions like fibromyalgia, limb amputation, surgery, joint injuries, and depression and anxiety disorders. So, pain might be the symptom for these conditions in the body.

Immune system: Even, a weak immune system will prevent the body from managing the pain. So, immune system should be strengthened.

Smoking: This habit can bring down the responsiveness to treatment and it can increase the level of pain.

Diet and lifestyle: Poor health habits, heavy junk food consumption and sedentary lifestyle can also lead to pain.

Emotional stress: Relationship issues, physical and sexual abuse can also contribute towards pain.

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# Aarush 2017-04-16
Hii, plz tell me,Which tests can confirm syphilis in primary stage, also suggest name of good maternity hospitals in Kapurthala ?
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During the primary stage,DG illumination tests are very helpful, find good maternity hospitals-Ragini Women Hospital ; Kapurthala Hospital and Nursing Home ; Harjeet Hospital and Maternity Home ; Ahluwalia Hospital.
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