Ways to Make Iron Rich Fruits Part of your Daily Diet
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Ways to Make Iron Rich Fruits Part of your Daily Diet

Iron Rich Fruits

Ideally, meat is the widest source of iron, but its consumption on a daily basis is not possible. Does that leave the vegans with no choice at all? There are a lot of vegetarian foods that can supplement the daily requirement of iron by the human body. Planning a diet that contains the required levels of iron is an essential for reducing the craving for iron-rich foods. The best ways to make iron-rich food part of the daily diet are to include some amount of it in important meals of the day.


Consumption of healthy breakfast that is rich in all the required nutrients is an essential for human body. Some of the best breakfast options may include:


This is considered as a high source of iron, and the just ½ cup of cooked oatmeal can be enough for breakfast. The calories related to this breakfast option are also quite less. Thus, it can serve as an iron supplement as well as that for weight-reduction.


Soak sprouts in water overnight. Consume the bowl of sprouts in the morning. This breakfast is rich in iron and proteins.


When cooking, an addition of salt makes food rich in iron. However, that amount is not enough to make up for the total requirement. Some of the best food choices to complement the overall requirement of nutrients are:


Adding around one medium sized potato to the daily diet is an essential. Boiled potato can be quite beneficial. Even if it is cooked, care should be taken that it be cooked in sunflower oil.

Brown Rice:

Some people may not find this type of rice too tasty, but it has a lot of health benefits associated with it. Besides being a rich source of iron, it also serves as a part of daily diet when planning for weight reduction.


This is a good supplement for iron, but care should be taken that if you face too much of acidity, you should avoid this supplement or reduce its quantity in the pre-planned diet.

Boiled Spinach:

Boiled spinach is one of the best options to supplement for the level of iron in the human body. Adding the small amount of salt to this boiled spinach can be a better option. Some people may find good taste lacking in this. Cooking in sunflower oil can make this better.

Evening Snacks:

The one diet between breakfast and lunch can be deprived of iron content but evening snacks can be alternatively considered as a good add-on to the daily laid down eating schedule. Some of these foods include:

Whole Wheat Pasta:

This is a low-fat diet as opposed to the white pasta which contains carbohydrates in large quantity. The major nutrients associated with this diet are iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Prune Juice:

The high quantity of iron and vitamin C in this fruit makes it healthy for consumption. Extracting its juice is a good option since it is quite tasty as well.


Dinner is quite an essential diet of the day, and it is always better to plan low carbohydrate diet for dinner as the digestive juices do not work so strongly at night. Some of the food inclusions include:

Black Beans:

This is a good iron supplement to be included in dinner. However, this should be considered when legumes are not consumed in the morning diet.

Black-Eyed Peas:

1/4th cup of black-eyed peas can be included to enhance reducing iron levels.

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