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why its so costly medical treatment in India


Today we all know around us there are so many terrible diseases like Cancer, AIDS, Heart problem, Kidney problem, Diabetes problem and the new one Ebola Virus etc. To cure from this and their treatments is so costly and they also take a long period to cure. In treatment process there is so many things from which patient go through like doctor visiting charges, hospital expenses, tests, session of therapies and most important medicines which is the basic need of any disease to cure for patient. But what happened when this medicines is out of reach to the pocket of a patient. So, how can they get cure for their disease without the help of medicine All we know that in INDIA the population is almost 120crore in this population around 30-40% people are below the poverty line so how they can buy a medicines for curing there diseases if rates of medicines is so high cost. For solve this problem INDIAN govt. make some facilities plans for them but they can also not work properly because doctors can’t attention on them and also hospitals staff members don’t serious about their responsibilities and some of doctors also doing the corruption with their profession so, in lack of these so many patients lost their precious life and apart from their families and relatives nobody get effected. Not only for the people who below the poverty but also the people of other classes also face these kinds of problems. They also spend so much money for the treatments at the name of tests, medicines etc. Sometimes doctors also don’t get the exactly problem of patient but they treatment a false treatment just for money. Is money real important compare to human’s life For highlight to this big problem in front of the society the talk show of Indian Television “Satyamev Jayate” firstly take the step forward in this direction with the title “Every Life Is Precious” and the topic is “Medical malpractice”. In this episode the host of the show Aamir Khan confront with the general public to discuss these problems and tried to request the Indian govt. take a strict actions against to corrupt doctors and to corrupt system and also tried to provide more facility to more people at a affordable cost of treatment and generic medicines to patients because according to one survey the one thing is in front that the making costs of medicines is so less but this corrupted system make them costly and then this make the treatments costly. The show also shed light the about a noble scheme of Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty who allows the treatment of poor people in affordable price. After this Govt. of different states like Karnataka, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh they announced to opening the “Janatha Bazaar Generic Medical Store” and also provide generic medicines in govt. hospitals which is 50% less then MRP and also take some strict action against the corrupted doctor and cancel their license and stop their false practicing and also the also makes plans to mandatory for all govt. doctors to prescribe only generic medicines to their patients for treatment because from this patient cure their disease easily and also afford the costing of treatment easily. It’s also our duty to follow and maintain the system and aware about the right system and also trying to stop the wrong things to happen.

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