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Mobile phone Radiation affect Brain Activity?

Most of us get to know from our friends and from other sources that cell phone can cause damage to the activities of the brain. But, most of us have doubt whether these claims are true, and while population-based studies have not lead to conclusive findings of the link between brain cancer and mobile phone usage, a new study states that the energy from the devices can indeed bring an effect on the activities of the brain.

Researchers have found that holding a mobile phone to your ear for a longer period can increase the activity in parts of the brain close to the antenna. Glucose metabolism, which is a measurement of how the brain makes use of the energy increases considerably when the phone is muted on turned off, as compared to when it is kept on.

How about mobile phones and cancers?

Although studies cannot draw the conclusion about long-term implications of usage of cell phones, other researchers are calling the findings to be significant. Clearly, there is an acute effect and the crucial question is whether this acute effect is connected with events that may be causing damages to the predispose or brain to the development of future health issues like cancer. Many population-based studies are conducted for evaluating the effect on the brain, but results are not consistent and conclusive.


The most recent study anticipated that Interphone study is implausible as some of its statistics revealed a considerable safety effect for mobile phone usage. However, the most intense users had an increased risk of glioma. Some studies were conducted to find the actual physiological effect that electromagnetic and radiofrequency fields from the devices can have on the tissues of the brain. Some studies have shown that the flow of blood can be increased in particular areas of the brain when an individual uses the mobile phone. But, there has been little work on the effects at the level of the neurons of the brain.

Harmful effects of Mobile Phones :

Glucose metabolism in the regions that are close to the antenna is significantly higher when the phone is turned on. Further studies confirmed that the regions expected to have the greatest absorption of electromagnetic and radiofrequency fields from cell phone usage were indeed the ones that showed the larger increases in glucose metabolism.

Experts are of the opinion that even though, the frequencies that get out of mobile phones are really weak, they can activate the human brain to have an effect.

Conclusion and suggestion:

Even though most studies do not show any consistent report on the effect of mobile phone usage, it is recommended that people, who will have to use these phones continuously or their personal or professional purpose can use headphones. When using headphones, men are recommended not to keep the phone in their pant pocket as the rays are known to affect the reproductive health in men. So, careful and the right usage of technology will help the humans in reaping good benefits from them.

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