World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day

The World Diabetes Day is the largest diabetes awareness campaign all over the globe and to mark this occasion, events are organized in more than 100 countries in the year 2016. Dedicated sponsorship activities around G20, G7 and General assembly nations were conducted last year. This day is led by the International Diabetes Federation and the purpose of this day is to bring together the international diabetes community for production of powerful voice against this health disorder. WDD is actually a year-long campaign to showcase the realities of dealing with chronic health issues caused due to long-term diabetes when the blood sugar level is not controlled properly. The International Diabetes Federation states that by the year 2035, nearly 600 million people might be living with diabetes.

About the day:

The World Diabetes Day is celebrated on the 14th of November every year and as mentioned earlier International Diabetes Federation or IDF is leading this day. It was created in the year 1991 not just by IDF, but also by the World Health Organization with a view to address the growing concerns about increasing health dangers posed by diabetes. This year (i.e.) in 2016, it will pay attention to the healthy eating as the important factor towards the fight against diabetes. As the 14th November is fast approaching, let us keep ourselves aware of some fundamental details about diabetes:

What is diabetes?

We hear the term ‘diabetes’ here, there and everywhere, most of us actually have the question ‘What is diabetes?’. Even though, it is stated that diabetes is a metabolism disorder that causes excessive urine production and excessive thirst, there are also chances of this metabolic disorder without these symptoms, which is stated to be asymptomatic diabetes.

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To understand what is diabetes, it is first important to understand the role of insulin in the human body.

Role of insulin in the human body:

Generally, when we eat, our body turns the foods that we consume into sugars or glucose. When this happens, the pancreas will take care of the process of releasing insulin. This insulin will serve as the key for opening the cells for allowing the glucose to enter, thereby allowing the body to use the glucose for converting into energy. But, in the case of patients with diabetes, this function will not happen properly. Experts state that different wrong-things can happen in the body leading to the onset of diabetes. When it comes to types of diabetes, there are actually two types and they are type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Let us understand these two types:

What is type 1 diabetes?

This is stated to be the most severe type of the disorder and this type is otherwise called as insulin-dependent diabetes. It is also referred to as juvenile diabetes as this type generally occurs in teenagers and even younger kids, even though, it can develop at any age. In this type, the immune system of the body attacks its own pancreasThis is referred to as autoimmune disease. When the insulin-producing cells are destroyed, there will not be any insulin secretion happening in the body. This will make the sugar consumed in the form of food to stay in the body and it will build up in the blood. This will make the body cells to starve for glucose. When this is not treated, the high blood sugar level will cause damage to eyes, nerves, kidneys, heart and even it can lead to coma and death as well.

Type 1 Diabetes cure:

When it comes to type 1 diabetes cure, the patients are generally recommended to take insulin injections as the external source of insulin will now act as the key for bringing glucose to the cells of the body. This is why this type is called as insulin-dependent diabetes. But, the problem with this type is that it is often difficult to identify the level of insulin to be taken and this amount should be varying on the basis of different factors like:

  • Foods consumed by the patient
  • Level of physical activities
  • Stress levels
  • General health

Balancing act is suggested:

Even though, the above-mentioned factors keep fluctuating, deciding on the level of insulin to be taken is a tough task. When an individual with type 1 diabetes takes too much insulin, the body will burn more glucose, which in turn will make the blood sugar level to become too low, which is life-threatening and should be treated immediately. On the other hand, when the level of insulin taken is too low, the body will again starve for energy and the blood sugar levels can reach high and this can lead to long-term health complications. So, patients with this type should be under medical care and should regularly get their blood sugar level tested and should take insulin as per their doctor’s advice.

What is type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 is the most common of the types of diabetes and it is otherwise called as non-insulin dependent diabetes. This type is otherwise called as adult onset diabetes as it generally develops after 35 years. Nowadays, reports state that a growing number of youngsters are getting type 2 diabetes, mainly because of sedentary lifestyle and overweight.

Even though, people with diabetes under this type can produce insulin, it will not be identified by the cells or even some people do not produce the level that their body needs. Even though, the insulin will act as the key for opening the body cells for allowing the glucose to enter, sometimes, the key does not work. This means that the cells will not open and this is termed as insulin resistance.

Cure for type 2 diabetes:

When it comes to type 2 diabetes cure, the treatment pays attention to diet and exercise. Initially, when this type is diagnosed, patients will be given certain medicines to initially bring down the level and then the disease is controlled through lifestyle changes. In some patients, insulin injections might be suggested, if the blood sugar level is too high. When healthy diabetes diet is followed by people with type 2 diabetes by reducing sugar intake and taking fiber rich foods, this type can be kept under control.

So, on the world diabetes day, let us fight against type 2 diabetes, by making healthy lifestyle changes by following the right exercise regimen and healthy diet.


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