World Hand Washing Day

World Hand Washing Day

World Hand Washing Day

World Hand Washing Day is an activism day devoted to increase understanding and awareness about the importance of handwashing, which is identified as the effective and affordable way to avoid diseases and to save lives. This day is the opportunity to create, test and imitate imaginative methods to motivate people to wash their hands with soap at critical times.

About the day:

Global hand wash day is followed every year on the 15th of October and it was established as anassociation between public and private for handwashing. The purpose of the day is as follows:

  • To nurture and assist an international and national culture of handwashing with soap.
  • To pay attention to the state of handwashing from around the globe.
  • To create awareness among public about the advantages of handwashing with soap.

Initial celebrations:

This day was celebrated initially in the year 2016 and on this occasion more than 120 million kids from around the world washed their hands with soap in over 70 countries. From the first year of celebration, the national leaders has used this day for spreading the word about the habit of handwashing and they also use this day for demonstration of simplicity and value of clean hands. Every year, more than 200 million people are involved in the celebrations in more than 100 nations from around the world. 

Importance of clean hands:

As mentioned earlier, most germs spread through our hands to our body. We touch different places and the germs in those places get to our hands and this is why we are recommended to understand the ideal hand washing techniques to get rid of germs on hands. Do you have any idea about the type of germs that may be present on our hands and what are the harms caused by them? Let us have a look from the list given below:

  • Bacteroides: These are germs that can cause ear infection, when we do not wash hands after using toilet.
  • E-Coli: This is yet another germ that is actually a type of bacteria that can spread if hands are not washed after using toilet.
  • Shigella: This can lead to diarrhea.
  • Streptococci: This is an infective germ that can cause sore throat.
  • Streptococcus Pneumoniae: As the name implies, this term can lead to pneumonia, when it gets into the body through unwashed hands.
  • Pseudomonas: This villain can infect wounds if any present in your body.
  • Hepatitis A: The leading cause for diarrhea and jaundice.
  • Haemophilus: This highly contagious germ can lead to pinkeye.

Some of these are bacteria, while some are viruses and they can lead to serious health issues and when hands are not washed properly after we get to our homes after spending some hours outside, they can lead to infections in our body. These germs on hands can be eradicated only with hand wash.

Why is handwashing important?

Not just to avoid spreading of germs to our loved ones, but also to keep ourselves healthy and clean, the importance of handwashing should be understood. Experts state that the crucial reason behind many health issues is not washing hands with soap, clean and running water. So, to prevent germs on hands to spread to other parts of our body and also to prevent them from spreading to others, we should understand the importance of handwashing on this hand wash day.

When to wash hands?

The following are the circumstance before and after which a hand wash is important:

  • Prior to cooking.
  • Prior to Eating.
  • After changing nappies or going to toilet.
  • Between handing cooked, raw or ready-to-eat foods.
  • After using a handkerchief or tissue.
  • After smoking.
  • After handling animals.
  • After working in the garden or handling rubbish.
  • After attending a sick person.
  • Removing or inserting contact lenses.

So, when you are aware of the importance of hygiene, it is important that you should also be aware of the importance of handwashing. But, you might be thinking about the hand washing techniques to follow to completely get rid of germs on hands. Here, let us get into step-by-step method to follow to wash hands.

  1. The first thing you will have to do is to wet your hands with water.
  2. Next, you will have to take soap or even it is better to use untouched handwash liquids on your wet palm.
  3. Gently, rub the palms together, until the soap gets bubbly.
  4. Then, rub each palm on the back of the other hand and particularly around nails to get rid of germs.
  5. Remember to rub between fingers on each hand with the other hand and particularly, pay attention to your thumbs.
  6. Then, rub in circles on your palms and then rinse.
  7. Finally, use a clean towel or tissue to pat dry your palms.

On World hand washing day, you might have understood the importance of handwashing to stay healthy and also to make your loved ones healthy. Let us celebrate the day with same enthusiasm and spread the importance to others as well.

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