World Health Day

World Health Day

World Health Day

The World Health Day is an international day celebrated to create health awareness among people and this day is celebrated on the 7th of April every year under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization.

Origin of the day:

In the year 1948, the World Health Organization conducted the first World Health Assembly and on this assembly, it was decided that the 7th of April will be celebrated as World Health Day every year from the year 1950. This day is actually celebrated to mark the founding of World Health Organization and this day is celebrated with a particular theme each year.

How about the year 2016?

For the year 2016, the World Health Day is planned to be celebrated on the 7th of April with its theme as ‘Beat diabetes’. So, the main aim is to create awareness among general public about diabetes and its great consequences on the health. This year, the celebrations are also planned to create a set of particular and effective, yet affordable actions to handle this disease. The campaign will also include creating awareness among public on how to prevent diabetes. It also aims at diagnosing, treating and caring for people with this debilitating disease when not handled properly. This year, the posters created by World Health Organization for World Health Day, showcases, ‘stay super’ and ‘beat diabetes’.

Key messages for World Health Day 2016:

Last year (i.e.) in the year 2016, the World Health Day was food safety and to mark the same and to create awareness among people, the country office for World Health Organization in India along with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare organized as national consultation on the 1st of April 2016. Likewise, it is expected that there will be some plans in the minds of Ministry of Health to create awareness among people about diabetes, its prevention and its treatment. When it comes to key objectives of World Health Day 2016, here are the objectives:

Key objectives of World Health Day 2016:

The World Health Organization this year is working with civil society partners and member states to:

  • Create and increase awareness about the increasing rate of diabetes, particularly in low and middle income countries.
  • To trigger a set of particular, effective and affordable solutions to handle this lifestyle disorder, which will encompass steps to prevent diabetes, to diagnose, to treat and to care for people with this health issue.
  • To launch the first World Health Organization global report on diabetes, which will describe the burden and also the consequences of this disease and to advocate for stronger health systems to make sure about improved surveillance, enhanced prevention and more effective diabetes management.

The day like any other day aims at improving women’s and men’s health and also the health of kids to safeguard them against the risks associated with diabetes.

So, on this day, let us be informed about ‘what is health’ and let us also understand the ways to improve our health and keys to prevent diabetes as stated by World Health Organization are:

  • Daily consumption of fruits and vegetables
  • 30 minutes of physical activity per day
  • Maintain a healthy weight and healthy lifestyle

So, let us join hands to follow the above-mentioned preventive steps and let us lead a healthy life against diabetes.

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