World Hemophilia Day

World Hemophilia Day

World Hemophilia Day

Every year, many days related to health are observed from around the world. The World Hemophilia Day is one such day that is celebrated on the 17th of April each year by the World Federation of Hemophilia. It is actually an awareness day for hemophilia and many other disorders associated with bleeding. This day in addition to creating awareness, also aims at raising funds and attracting volunteers for World Federation of Hemophilia. The celebrations initially began in the year 1989 and this day was chosen to mark the birthday of Frank Schnabel.

Theme for the year 2016:

The World Federation of Hemophilia has chosen ‘treatment for all is the vision of all’ as the theme towards the day. The federation has called people to join them on the 17th of April to create awareness about this disease and other inherited bleeding disorders. The federation further has added that one in every 1000 people has some sort of bleeding disorder and many of them are not diagnosed and are not treated for the same. But, the federation further adds that together people can join hands to change the world. The federation has called people to take this day as the opportunity to talk to their family, friends, colleagues and caregivers with a view to raise awareness and increase support for those with inherited bleeding problems.

To mark the day, even when we do not want to contribute towards the day, we can take the day as the opportunity to keep ourselves aware of the disease.

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To mark the day, even when we do not want to contribute towards the day, we can take the day as the opportunity to keep ourselves aware of the disease. Let us gather some details in this regard:

What is hemophilia?

Initially, let us understand ‘what is hemophilia’. It is actually a medical condition, wherein the ability of the blood to clot is severely reduced, thereby causing the sufferer to bleed highly even from a slight injury. When analyzing the cause behind the condition, it is known to be typically caused by a hereditary lack of coagulation factor, most often denoted as factor VIII.

Treatment for the condition:

When talking about hemophilia treatment, the mainstay of treatment is related to replacement of blood clotting factors. This treatment involves purification of clotting factor concentrates from the human donor blood or it is made from laboratory with the help of methods that do not require a blood donor. This is denoted as replacement therapy in the process of hemophilia treatment.

In the case of clotting factor replacement therapy, it is done by infusing the clotting factor concentrates into a vein, similar to that of blood transfusion. The great thing about this therapy is that it can be done at home with appropriate training and education.

So, on this World Hemophilia Day, let us be aware of this disease and if possible, we can also try to help in some way or another to patients with this illness, such that we can get the satisfaction of helping a patient in some form or another.

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