World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day, which is shortly called as WKD is an international health awareness campaign that pays attention the importance of kidneys. The day also aims at creation of awareness in bringing down the frequency and impact of health issues with this organ and its connected health issues like kidney pain.


WKD is observed every year on the 2nd of Thursday in the month of March. At the beginning, just 66 countries observed this date in the year 2006 and this number increased to 88 just within three years of observance of this day. This day is the joint initiative of the International Federation of Kidney Foundation and International Society of Nephrology. The main purpose of the day is to create awareness about the health issues associated with kidneys and even though, most problems associated with this organ are treatable, they are stated to be the leading health issues faced by a major group of population from around the world.

Theme for 2016:

In the year 2016, the World Kidney Day falls on the 10th of March 2016 and the theme for this day is ‘kidney disease & children. Act early to prevent it’.  So, this year the focus is all about childhood kidney diseases and to create awareness among parents, caregivers, policy makers and also among the young patients to keep themselves safe.

Types of kidney diseases:

Kidney disease can affect kids at any stage in their life and the diseases can range from minor treatable conditions to major life-threatening ones. Let us get a fundamental understanding about the types:

Acute kidney disease:

This is a serious condition that can occur all of a sudden and this type generally lasts for a shorter period of time and can be completely cured once the underlying cause has been treated and also when the patient is provided with the right medical management. It can also sometimes create long-term problems and life-long complications. It can be stated as a sudden or temporary loss of kidney function.

Chronic kidney disease:

The problem with chronickidney disease is that it will not disappear with treatment and can even worsen with time. Generally, this type of kidney disease needs high range treatment like kidney transplantation or life-long dialysis. When talking about symptoms of kidney failure under this category, there will be symptoms like loss of protein in urine. Also, water and salt retention in the body can indicate kidney damage.

So, on the World Kidney Day, let us be aware of the Kidney Disease and its effects on our body and take steps to keep ourselves away from these diseases.

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