World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day

Every year, 10th of October is observed as the World Mental Health Day. Of course, the main purpose behind this day is to create general awareness among public about mental health issues. Also, this day is observed with yet another purpose of mobilizing the appropriate efforts for supporting mental health.

The Word Health Organization has stated that this day provides the right kind of opportunity for all the stakeholders working on mental health issues to share details about their work and on the things that need to be done to make mental health care highly possible for people from around the world. On account of this day, let us keep ourselves aware of certain aspects about mental health:

What is mental health?

It is actually a broader term that encompasses, social, psychological and emotional well-being. It will affect the method in which humans act, feel and think. It will also help in analyzing how we handle stress levels in our lives. Right from childhood to older age, mental health is highly important in every walks of our lives.

Factors contributing towards mental health issues:

·         Family history of mental health issues

·         Experiences in life like abuse or trauma

·         Biological factors like brain chemistry or genes

Even though, mental health issues are common, the fact to remember here is that help is available in India from organizations like mental health foundation to get the right remedy.

Now, after having understood mental health definition, you might have got the answer for your question what is mental health. Read to learn more about this issue.

Motto of World Mental Health Day 2015:

Dignity in mental health is stated to be the motto this year. WHO states that thousands of people with mental health issues from around the world are deprived of their human rights. They face a lot of emotional and physical abuse, not just in the community, but also in certain mental health facilities as well. WHO aims at raising awareness among people on what can be done to make sure that people with mental health issues can lead a dignified life.  This is planned to be done through public information campaigns, training to health care providers, etc.

Worst thing about mental health issues:

One of the worst things about mental health issues in humans is that these issues can provoke suicidal thought in the sufferers and so appropriate steps should be taken to get the ideal relief. To insist on the same a study was conducted with the aim of establishing guidelines for how a member of Filipino Public School provides mental health first aid to individuals with suicidal thoughts. Not just in foreign countries, but there are help available to help people to get out of mental disorders list.



There is a long mental disorders list and on account of the World Mental Health Day, it is important that humans should be aware of these disorders, such that they get help at the right time to find the ideal remedy.

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