World Osteoporosis Day

World Osteoporosis Day

World Osteoporosis Day


Every year, the World Osteoporosis Day is celebrated on the 20th of October. As the name of the day implies, its main purpose is to create awareness among people about the prevention, appropriate diagnosis and treatment of this health issue. This day is organized by the International Osteoporosis Foundation shortly called as IOF each year. On this day, the foundation conducts different campaigns via national osteoporosis patient societies from around the globe and activities take place in more than 90 nations.

History of the day:

The concept of celebrating this day began with a campaign that was launched by the UK’s National Osteoporosis Society on the 20th of October 1996 and the European Commission also lend their support for the same. Right from the year 1997, IOF has taken the responsibility of organizing the day. During the years 1998 and 1999, WHO co-sponsored the day and right from the year 1999, the day is celebrated with specific theme. This year, the theme is ‘serve up bone strength’. Now, let us start with the basic understanding of this condition on the occasion of World Osteoporosis Day, such that we can keep ourselves informed.

What is osteoporosis?

The term can be literally translated into porous bone. Yes, for patients with this disease, the density and the quality of bone reduce and as they become fragile and porous, the patients will be at increased risk of fracture. The worst thing about this disease is that bone loss happens in a progressive manner without any visible changes.

Now, you know ‘what is osteoporosis?’, but can you differentiate between normal and severe osteoporosis? When a patient is diagnosed to have this condition, he/she should take appropriate osteoporosis diet. Otherwise, there are greater chances that the disease will turn out to be severe osteoporosis.

Suitable diet:

Generally, women are known to be at higher risk of this health issue as compared to men. The reason is that when a woman reaches the menopause period, there will be hormonal changes in her body. When adequate calcium based foods are not taken during this period, she will be at higher risk of getting osteoporosis. Here are some diet recommendations:

Daily recommended intake of calcium and vitamin A is a must for patients diagnosed with this condition. Also, women at menopause period are also recommended to take care of these things in their diet.

  • Eating fresh produce will be beneficial.
  • In addition, those with alcohol habit are recommended to moderate their alcohol consumption.
  • The patients and those interested in preventive measures are recommended to cut down on carbonated beverages and caffeine as well.
  • They are also recommended to cut back on salt.

The healthy diet is adding everything together:

For patients with this condition some favorite dishes can provide them the required vitamin D and calcium levels. Particularly, those that bring together eggs, cheese, milk and some type of fish like tuna, salmon and pancakes. The internet has many valuable sources to find calcium-rich diet. Also, the International Osteoporosis Foundation has a resource called as interactive recipe finder to help the sufferers in finding the right kind of foods that can prevent their bone from further thinning. Some health home remedies for calcium deficiency can also help.


In addition, taking calcium supplements is highly recommended for patients with osteoporosis. When the right osteoporosis diet is followed, it is highly possible to prevent the disease from turning into severe osteoporosis.

What is severe osteoporosis?

Severe osteoporosis is a condition, wherein the patients get fractures and a condition called as kyphosis. This is nothing, but a deformity in spinal compression fractures. In addition, not just kyphosis, but also fractures are highly painful.  So, preventive actions by taking healthy foods and whatever we can do it protect ourselves. With all these things known, do you really know what is osteoporosis International? Let us find out here:

It is nothing, but a medical journal, which was launched in the year 1990. It is the official journal of the National Osteoporosis Foundation and the International Osteoporosis Foundation. It is published on a monthly basis and will have details about original research on different areas of this health issue and its related fields.

So, let us keep ourselves informed on the World Osteoporosis Day and let us lead a healthy life and will take it as an oath from this day onward.

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