World Water Day

World Water Day

World Water Day

World Water Day 2016 is fast approaching on the 22nd of March 2016. As water scarcity is experienced from different parts of the world, it becomes highly important that we should celebrate the World Water Day to emphasize the importance of preserving water and safeguarding water resources.

Why world water day?

The day is actually observed internationally and it is considered an opportunity to learn more about issues related to water. On this day, it is important that each one of us should feel inspired to tell others and to take action against water scarcity to bring a difference in the world.

History of the day:

The World Water Day is celebrated right from the year 1992 as during this year at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, during which an international observance for water was recommended. The UN General Assembly responded by conferring 22nd March as the World Water Day from the year 1993. Every year, a theme is set and the theme is chosen on the basis of the present and future challenges related to water.

Theme 2016:

This year the theme is to understand the power of water in transforming the lives of people. The theme further adds that half of all the workers on the earth are employed in water-related sources in one form or another. Millions of these people work without any proper protection and recognition.

Let us join hands to eradicate water scarcity and let this day help in this regard. Let us work towards the preservation of water resources that are essential for the healthy functioning of different organs in the human body.


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