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Wound Healing Process | Home Remedies for Wounds

Wound Healing Process | Home Remedies for Wounds

A wound is the type of injury to living tissue caused by a blow, cut or another impact typically one in which the skin is cut or torn. The wound is the forcible solution of continuity of refacing or skin with or without an involvement of the underlying soft tissues. Blood cells play an important role in wound healing process. After further reading, you will get complete details of wounds and wound healing process.

Wound Management:  

  • Maintenance of adequate airway and prevention of cardiopulmonary embarrassment.

Prophylaxis against tetanus and gas gangrene (A.T.G./A.T.S., A.G.S.).

Treatment of shock and haemorrhage.

Primary management of wound — A sterile dressing is applied after cleansing the wound with cotton & a non-irritant antiseptic to prevent further sepsis; the limb may be immobilised over a splint or a wooden piece.

Symptomatic treatment, e.g. sedation & analgesics, etc.

Proper Treatment of Wounds:

The process of wound healing is the same in all wounds, but there are marked quantitative differences depending on amount of tissue destruction. Proper treatment is carried out after ascertaining the cause of injury, time of accident, assessment of shock, examination of nature of extent of the injury, etc.  From this point of view, it is convenient to consider wound healing under the following headings-

Wound Healing:

A wound may heal in the following ways –

(i)  Healing by First Intention — A clean operated and recently contaminated wound: properly excised and sutured in layers without leaving a dead space heals by the first intention.

(ii) Healing by Second Intention  If it is a large gaping wound with considerable loss of skin cover or an infected wound, the wound heals by granulation and fibrosis resulting in scar or cicatrix.

(iii) Healing by Third Intention — If the primary suture fails or the wound is kept open after excision and sutured at a later date, the wound heals by the third intention.

Home Remedies for Wound Healing:

1)     Clean the wound thoroughly first. This will prevent infection.

2)     Apply turmeric powder on the wound.

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2)     Apply turmeric powder on the wound. Turmeric is an antiseptic.it will control the infection.

3)     Aloe vera gel has cool and soothing properties. The gel of cut aloe vera can be applied on the wounds.

4)     Garlic also has analgesic and antibiotic properties. It can be taken in case of wounds.

Homoeopathic Remedies for Wounds:

(1) Staphisagria - Mechanical injuries from sharp cutting instruments, clean, incised wounds, discharge from the wound of a greenish colour.

(2)  Hamamelis - Incised, lacerated, or contused wounds, dissecting wound, bums. It checks haemorrhages, removes pain and soreness and promotes healing.

(3)  Calendula - Incised and lacerated wounds; bloody and serous infiltration of cellular tissue in open wounds & ulcers;. It limits suppuration and assists in securing the primary union along incised surfaces, great tendency to start & twitch with nervousness suitable in cases with loss of soft parts, which cannot be united by adhesive strapping.

(4) Ledum Pul: Mosquito bites, discolouration of skin from bruises, wounds inflicted with the sharp instruments, punctured wounds which feel cold to touch and the patient, intense coldness during fever, affections of the hip joint, sprains of ankles & feet.

(5) Hypericum - open painful wounds with general prostration from loss of blood and great nervous depression, spinal concussion, cervical vertebrae very sensitive to touch, violent pains & inability to walk or to stop after fall upon coccyx, lacerations, where the intolerable pains show  nervous system severely involved, it is said to prevent trismus & tetanus.

    -Convulsions after every slight hurt or concussion, wounds from crushing, as mashed lingers, esp. tips, extreme sensitiveness of the punctured wounds,

(6) Hamamelis - Incised, lacerated, or contused wounds, dissecting wound, bums. It checks haemorrhages, removes pain & soreness and promotes healing.

Biochemic Remedies for Wound Healing:

(1) Silicea - effects from needles or other foreign bodies in the flesh. Neglected cases, when suppuration threatens or discharging thick yellow pus.

(2) Calcarea Phos - Wounds fail to heal by first - intention from impaired nutrition; in fractures, it promotes formation of callus; the place on an old injury becomes the scar of new affections

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During the primary stage,DG illumination tests are very helpful, find good maternity hospitals-Indus Hospital ; Indus Superspeciality Hospital ; Cosmo Hospital ; Cheema Medical Complex.
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Infection from semen, blood or lactation milk can occur and cause syphilis, Infection from blood syringes is very common, Infected mothers can transmit it through their milk also, consult with good Gynecologist in Banswara .
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