10 tips will be relieving you from many problems of high sodium intake
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10 tips will be relieving you from many problems of high sodium intake

10 tips will be relieving you from many problems of high sodium intake

Do you prefer salt in your diet? Some tips will be relieving you from many problems

Talking about dietary sodium, the less you have is better for your health. Some studies confirm that Americans take 50% or even more than recommended quantity of salt in their daily diets. More the quantity of sodium in your diet more will be the problem of blood pressure for the person. If it still goes uncontrolled, it will lead to kidney failure. So it is always better to reduce your salt intake per day. Here are the 10 important tips, by following which you can keep yourself away from high blood pressure and also from eventual kidney failure.

The tips are:

i) Choose fresh vegetables and fruits as the low sodium diets. Frozen and canned fruits are also low in sodium.

ii) Avoid using packaged meats and try for the fresh meat. You can get natural sodium from the natural cuts of any type of meat/poultry items. In some ham or bacon items the content of sodium is really less, so during cooking, added sugar is mixed for preparing them tasty. Some people sprinkle sodium on the fish or meat products for lingering their frozen life.   These products will have more than extra sodium content.

iii) When buying any packed product, make it a habit of reading the labels.

iv) If you are buying any food product from the stores, never skip to read the labels. There are many products which are not stored with added sodium. Avoid those products which have high sodium content.

v) Finish a comparative study of different brands of similar food products and choose only those which have minimum sodium content. For the same product, different brand has different sodium content.

vi) Some of the seasonings and spices which do not show about the sodium content will be ideal for you.

vii) Before you go out for your dinner, just research where from you can get lesser amount of salt in the dishes being served there. Even if you are on the table and ordering your dishes, ask the person to use less or even no salt for your dishes.

viii) There are many products which may not taste salty, but may still have high content of sodium. The example is cottage cheese.

ix) If you have high blood pressure, your dietary sodium restriction will not only help you controlling your blood pressure, it will also help your medications to respond better.

x) Preference of salt is an acquired taste. So this can be easily unlearned. If sincerely pursued, within 6 to 8 weeks, you can be used to enjoying those same foods with lesser sodium content. Once you get accustomed to the foods with lesser or least sodium content, you will start loving them and start avoiding those which you used to be fan of.

It is the mind make-up which can change your taste buds. What you think to be impossible can be possible by simply embracing the healthy way of accepting or rejecting your tastes.


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