3 types of Arthritis, what are they & their differences?

3 types of Arthritis, what are they & their differences?

3 types of Arthritis, what are they & their differences?

Differences among Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis & Osteoarthritis


What is Arthritis?

If you have progressive stiffness, along with pains in joints, not necessary that they are coupled with fever, swelling and chill, you are suffering from arthritis. The attack of Arthritis may fall on you without any of your knowledge. The reason is the symptoms of arthritis are common with other symptoms and recurring that you may ignore it. But those who complain about the stiffness in their fingers, wrists, legs or in arms coupled with swelling, pain and inflammation, they are confirmed victims of arthritis. Basically arthritis is a joint disorder with inflammation & pain. The Greek word “arthro’ meaning joint and “it is” meaning inflammation have coined the word arthritis.

People suffering from arthritis usually have the joint pains and inflammation around the affected joints. The inflammation can go up with the daily wear and tear of the joints. It may also be fatigued or forceful movement along with strains. The illness can be seen in numerous forms and so vary from people to people. Although age (between 40 and 60) is known to be the common factor, trauma or infection may also be the reasons for this health disorder.


This type arthritis is one of the most commonly seen arthritic diseases. The difference between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis is the causes. The latter condition makes it root due to the mechanical activities on our joints; while the former one is the autoimmune disease that means our own body immune system sabotages our own immune system and causes disease by attacking our joints. When a patient is severely attacked by the arthritis, the patient may not be able to fully flex, bend or extend his/her joints. Some times the joints may be so severely affected, that they may produce cracking sound and with crunching conditionality.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

It is one of the types of arthritis. All types of arthritis share same types of characteristics, each of them has different symptoms, and so they need different treatments. That is why an exact and accurate diagnosis is very much needed. Rheumatoid Arthritis diseases are found in one tenth of the Osteoarthritis affected people. The disease is so dangerous that over some time the affected parts will not only remain inflamed, the joint tissues in these parts will also be destroyed. After some time it may attack your other vital body parts, such as lungs, eyes etc.

Significances among these diseases:-

- Age of the onset of the diseases: Although the disease becomes prominent at the time of advanced part of our life, but it can occur at any stage.

- Types of joints get affected: Normally the diseases affect both parts of our body in the same pattern. The areas get affected may include both of the balls in our feet, hands, elbows or wrists etc. inflicting the both sides.

- Joint symptoms: joints are often stiff, swollen and painful. Some times the joints are tender painful but without any swelling.

Speed of onset:  at the initial stage they are rapid, but in due course of time the speed becomes slower.

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