8 Indian Vegetables to Beat Summer

8 Indian Vegetables to Beat Summer

Relying solely on those refreshing icy drinks to cool your body isn’t the most appropriate way to fight the scorching heat. You can add some of these cool vegetables that are loaded with vitamin to you daily by ActiveDeals"> diet chart. A list of eight amazing coolants to refresh your mind as well as body is discussed by Dr. Shilpa Mittal who is a nutritionist, diet consultant and founder of Nutrilife Health Management.

1. Indian vegetable for summers – Snake Gourd (PADVAL)

This particular vegetable acts a coolant for the body. The various uses of which can be listed as - correcting disorder, processing by ActiveDeals"> nutrition and can also restore the normal functioning of the body. The production of the bodily fluids and curing dryness are some of the functions stimulated by Snake Gourd. The fresh juice from its leaves is also extremely useful for people with heart conditions such as palpitation in the heart on physical exertion.

2. Indian vegetable for summers – Pumpkin (KADDU)

Efficient cooling and diuretic properties are possessed by this particular vegetable called pumpkin. It is also extremely useful for upset tummy, improper digestion and also helps is getting rid of the intestinal worms from the digestive system. Pumpkin majorly constitutes of fiber and potassium. Blood pressure and sugar can also be controlled with the help of this vegetable. It also assists in curing diseases related to skin. It is also considered to regulate the levels of sugar in the blood and assists is stimulating pancreas and hence is advised by doctors for heart patients.

3. Indian vegetable for summer – Bitter Gourd (KARELA)

Rashes, boils, fungal, infections and ring-worms can all be cured by bitter gourd. Bitter Gourd can also help in controlling other conditions like by ActiveDeals"> diabetes, hypertension and apart from all this it can help in increasing immunity on a general level.

4. Indian vegetable for summer – Bottle Gourd  (Dudhi)

The major component of Bottle Gourd is water which can help you in dealing with heat and is also advantageous for various problems related to stomach for example acidity, which is most common during the summers. Extreme loss of sodium can be prevented by Bottle Gourd which in turn helps in preventing exhaustion.

5. Indian vegetable for summer – Amarnath Leaves (Chawali Bhajjji)

Besides being typically nutritious, summers leaves are also known to be extremely nutritious. It is also famous by various other names like – Chinese spinach, cow pea leaves. Chawali ka pataa or Chawali Bhajji.

· High sources of vitamin A, vitamin B6 and vitamin C are loaded in this vegetable.

· Those by ActiveDeals"> hot summer months that are difficult to fight can be made tolerable by using this wonderful cooling vegetable.

· It is also known for curing other conditions like – respiratory disorders and malaria.

6. Indian vegetable for summer – Ridged Gourd (turai)

This vegetable which is readily available during the summers is one of the best in purifying blood, lowering the levels of sugar in the blood and is also good for your stomach and issues related to digestion.

7. Indian vegetable for summer – Ash Gourd

As the major constitute of this particular vegetable is water, which is as high as ninety six percent, Ash Gourd helps in cooling the body and helps in maintaining health. It can also provide protection against the heat stroke. This vegetable is known for being loaded with Vitamins like – Vitamin B1 (thiamine) and a good source of vitamin B3 (niacin). The presence of high potassium content is the reason that this vegetable extremely good for maintaining blood pressure. It is also known to be useful in curing various respiratory conditions like asthma, blood related diseases and kidney stones, which is a kind of urinary disease.

8. Indian vegetable for summer -  Cucumber

Cucumber is majorly made of water which is as high as ninety six percent. As the water content is very high, cucumber helps in keeping the body hydrated and regulates the temperature of the body. The presence of potassium, magnesium and fibre in Cucumber can be very effective of regulating the blood pressure. The high water content in this vegetable helps in removing all the toxic substances from the stomach and digestive system and hence helps indigestion. Regular consumption of this particular vegetable is highly recommended by various doctors as it can successfully dissolve stones that are formed in the bladder or kidney.

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