A general guideline about your fitness---just cross check your stand
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A general guideline about your fitness---just cross check your stand

A general guideline about your fitness---just cross check your stand

A few ways to keep you fit


Good health is a blessing. In this era, we hardly get time to look after ourselves and to care for the near and dear ones.  Let us find out five habits that we should adopt in order to keep ourselves fit and active.

Proper meal: Our busy schedule sometimes forces us to neglect our health. We skip meals or eat a little to save our time. Our dependency on fast food and restaurants are evident of our bad food habit. Eat fresh green vegetables, meat, milk and fruits as these all contain vitamin, protein and calcium in abundance. Breakfast should be not only sumptuous, it should be dietary ethical and fitting to follow-up session as lunch. In evening we need to settle with soups or other healthy options. Food intake, in this time, should be lesser in quantity than during lunch (i.e. during dinner). To keep us fit we must avoid oily junk food which we all love to eat. Today when we have an option to consult a dietician who can actually guide us what is good and what is not for our health, we better seek his or her advice and follow the chart suggested by the dietician.

Physical Exercise: It is a universal belief that early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. We follow it but reverse order. Jogging is one of the best exercises which you can try in the morning. Morning walk, swimming, yoga are to name a few which are equally helpful and good for health. Now one of the commonly faced traumas is obesity. Morning exercises not only extend the span of your life but also give you a boost to start your day, while keeping you agile.

Check-up at a certain interval: Few diseases you can check before it get worse. For example you should check your blood pressure and sugar in every month. If you are an acute patient you better check it every day. Many hospitals organize full body check-up at a minimal cost to promote the concept of healthy lifestyle. It is advisable to participate in it and a tension free life for a long time.

Quit some deadly habits: We all are aware of the harmful effects of cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption. Still we don’t try to change these precarious habits. Cigarette and alcohol directly affect our lungs and liver both and encompass many other organs that results to take serious toll on our lives. Both of these addictions double the risk of heart attack. Drinking too much also weakens our immunity power. Passive smoking is also dangerous and leaves its effect on lungs. This is called second hand smoke and breath in this is particularly harmful for children. It causes serious respiratory problems like asthma, cough and cold and chest infection.  Penalty-prone actions need to be taken against smoking in public place, and ultimately taking it towards banning such perilous habits.

Avoid stress and tension: Stress and tension invites some chronic diseases which can’t even be cured. So pack it and throw it in the bin instead of carrying it home every day. People are prone to heart attack at an early age because of the burden of loans, immense work pressure, and target. It even disturbs the peace of mind. So keep yourself calm and composed at your work place and don’t get involved in loggerheads or arguments. Try to spend some quality time with yourself.


The above mentioned precautionary measures can actually give you a hale and hearty life and healthy environment. In this way, you can actually save the future of your next generation as well. Be healthy and stay blessed.

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# Nishith 2017-04-13
Hello I am from Baran, My neighbour has been feeling redness and burning in urethral organs, can it be a disease, should she visit gynec?
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# Dr. Naresh 2017-04-14
It can be a simple infection also and a disease also, If after the examination, the presence of gram negative bacteria is seen ,gonorrhoea infection can be thought of, she should visit good women's specialist- find list of Gynecologist in Baran
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