A layman’s perspective ----how to boost your brain power?

A layman’s perspective ----how to boost your brain power?

A layman’s perspective ----how to boost your brain power?

A layman’s perspective ----how to boost your brain power?

Brain stimulation or neuro-stimulation or neuro-modulation is a type of stimulation that requires nervous system’s modulation by activating neuron in the brain through different methods.

The methods may involve electrical brain stimulation or chemical brain stimulation

A layman’s perspectives:-

There are many ways (you must know) that you can boost your brain power.

The 1st one of them is brain storming. With the help of brainstorming, our brain can not only get boosted and gets working. You can start with your warm-up session before you can start your main event. What you can do is studying something or writing on something.

Writing an essay can take you to start storming on some ideas. This may follow your thinking process what you want to cover. The moment you start doing all these, your brain gets gradually boosted.

The 2nd one of them is deep breathing. Taking deep breathing helps in increasing our blood flow, in addition to increasing the oxygen level. The ultimate result is your brain starts functioning better. If you keep practicing 10 to 15 minutes of deep breathing as your daily practice, it will help you in a great way in your future. The more you practice taking deep breathing; you will lower down your anxiety level. Remember, in yoga, you have a great session on deep breathing. However, you must not forget that when you breathe deep, you must breathe from the bottom of your lungs. Your act of deep breathing should be just like a balloon gets expanded, when your belly starts expanding, after that your chest should start expanding. After this the neck should take the charge of letting the breath go out. The reverse process for breathing in must follow suit immediately: first neck, then chest and the automatic & final destination is your belly.

The 3rd step is drinking green tea. As per the reports of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, if you take 5 or more cups of green tea every day, you can bring down your psychological distress level even up to 20%.  Intake of caffeine can boost your brain to a great extent.

The 4th step is taking a break.  You can charge up your brain, if you can take break after some work. The break does not mean that you should have a nap, it can be even surfing something in the net or you may switch over to something, which may interest you in a great way.

The 5th step is resorting to laugh. Laughter is always proven to be a great source of relaxation for all age group. Of course, laughter can boost up our brain in a great way. Laughter is always counted as the important mean of natural stress remover.

All these above are the short term remedies of stress buster or brain-booster. Many other ways are also there if you want to stimulate your brain for the long term. The long term brain boosters include different types of food intakes.

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