A person with "Eating disorder" will disturb many, study it for his / her wellbeing-Part-3
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A person with "Eating disorder" will disturb many, study it for his / her wellbeing-Part-3

A person with "Eating disorder" will disturb many, study it for his / her wellbeing-Part-3

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Goals of treating anorexia & different programs designed for it

There are various types of goals towards treating anorexia. So are there different programs designed for it. The different factors involved in it are:-

o Reduction of physical activities

o Increase of societal activities

o Uses of scheduled habits of eating

Many patients are advised for ‘short hospital stay’ for attending a day treatment program. If the conditions are like the following, the need for longer stay in the hospital may be unavoidable:-

è A noticeable loss of weight is detected in the affected person, which is (if compared with ideal body) below 70%, considering the height and age. This is indicator for life-threatening and severe malnutrition. In this condition, the person is needed to be fed through stomach tube or vein.

è Even treatment cannot solve the problem of weightlessness.

è Different medical complications like low potassium levels, confusion, heart problems etc. may develop.

è The person comes under severe depression to such an extent that committing suicide is thought to be the sole alternative.

Who all can be the care givers?

· Physicians

· Assistants to physicians

· Practicing nurses

· Care providers for Mental health

· Dieticians

How to treat these types of patients?

It is difficult to treat these types of patients. The role of family has much bearing on it. Different types of therapies needed to be tried for the patients to recover from these problems.

There is also possibility of patients dropping out of these therapeutic programs, if they find the programs alone are not realistic.

Some types of therapies & their goals are also effective in this remedial process.  They are:

ð Cognitive behavioral therapy: - This is known to be a type of talk therapy. Other than this therapy, family therapy or group therapy are found to be very effective.

a) The aim of rendering these therapies are to change the behaviour & thoughts of the patients and encouraging them to undertake healthy eating habits. Younger patients respond better in these types of therapies until they are found to be affected with the anorexia even after continuing with the eating disorder for a long time.

b) In case the patient is tender in age, the therapy needs to be rendered to the whole family. In this case family is considered as the part of the solution and not the cause for the problem.

c) The support group also has the important role to play towards the treatment. The support group consists of patients, family members and a few of the close friends of the patients.

Medicines for treating the problem

Medicines like mood stabilizers, antipsychotics and antidepressants can be effective in the treatment of anorexic patients. However, this is one of the parts of the complete treatment program. These medicines are very effective in treating anxiety and depression. Of course, medicines are found to be effective, but none of the medicines are proven to be the exact solution for losing weight.



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