Alzheimer's Disease – 10 Warning Signs To Know

Alzheimer's Disease – 10 Warning Signs To Know

Alzheimer's Disease – 10 Warning Signs To Know

As age advances, people get a lot of problems and among the many diseases experienced by aged people, Alzheimer’s Disease is something turning out to be common. It is recommended that caretakers of aged people and even elders themselves should be aware of some warning signs of this condition, so that they can seek medical help at appropriate time:

1. Memory loss:

One of the most common signs of this condition, which is otherwise called as dementia is forgetting the recently learned information. The patients with this condition generally forget things frequently and they will not be in a position to recall the information later.

2. Difficulty in performance of even familiar tasks:

People with this condition generally find it hard or even impossible to plan their day-to-day tasks. They can forget even simple tasks like making a phone call, playing some familiar games and in following directions.

3. Problems with language:

Those with dementia generally forget even simple words or they will be replacing the common with unusual words instead. Also, it will be hard for others to understand what the patient speaks or writes. For instance, as against using the word ‘specs’ for their eye glasses, they might say that they are searching for the tool for reading.

4. Orientation to time and place:

Another important sign is that the elderly person might forget his way to the home and they tend to forget how they arrived at a particular place.

5. Poor and decreased judgment:

They dress inappropriately for the climatic condition and they will also face difficulty in money decisions, they may forget to pay bills and banking transactions.

6. Trouble in reasoning:

Those with dementia may have rare difficulty in completion of complex mental tasks like forgetting what numbers denote and their value.

7. Misplacement of thing:

Also, these patients will most commonly face difficulty in placing things in their appropriate places. For instance, they might store the cordless phone in the refrigerator or a ring in the heater vent.

8. Changes in behavior or mood:

Also, another important sign is that they will display sudden swing in the mood like they might be calm and might suddenly get agitated without any apparent reason whatsoever.

9. Change in personality:

Patients with this condition may turn out to be extremely dependent, fearful, confused and suspicious.

10. Loss of initiative:

Also, patients may turn out to be highly passive like they might be sitting hours together in front of television, sleeping more than usual or they might not show interest towards participating in activities that brought them enjoyment previously.

So, the family members with an elderly person experiencing any of the above-mentioned signs and symptoms should be careful about taking the individual to a health care provider to find whether he/she has this issue.

There are great chances of recovery when these symptoms are rightly diagnosed at the stage of pre-dementia. This will prevent the disease from developing to further stages when the right medicines are taken.

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the process of starting of the menstrual cycle in females is called menarche, plz find good Gynecologist in Midnapore East.
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