Alzheimer's Disease - The Causes and Symptoms To Understand

Alzheimer's Disease - The Causes and Symptoms To Understand

Alzheimer's Disease - The Causes and Symptoms To Understand

Alzheimer ’s disease, which is otherwise called as Alzheimer disease is the common type of dementia. Generally, this disease is caused due to different reasons in different people. Many studies are conducted for identifying the reason behind this disease and studies show that the disease is generally characterized by the growth of proteins in the brain. Studies also have proved that the disease develops because of the multifaceted series of events that take place in the brain over a period of years. Other causes contributing towards this condition are lifestyle, environmental and genetic factors. As each individual is different, there will be differences in lifestyle and accordingly there will be increase or decrease in the chances of Alzheimer’s disease.

Causes of the disease:

Generally, this disease occur in elderly people and the reason is that with age there will be some sort of changes taking place in the brain like damage to the neurons that lead to this health issue.


Genes are also known to cause Alzheimer’s disease. Yes, some inherited issues in the brain can make this happen as an individual advances in age.

Environmental factors:

Experts state that environmental factors can also cause Alzheimer’s disease in patients. Habits like healthy diet, active social life, lesser alcohol consumption and no smoking can contribute towards lesser chances of development of Alzheimer’s disease. Some factors that can increase the chances are high blood pressure.

Even though, these factors are known to cause the disease, there is no actual proof as to the reason that causes Alzheimer’s disease.

Symptoms of the disease:

Now, before getting into the symptoms, let us divide the disease into different stages, namely; Pre-dementia, early, moderate and advanced. Here are the different symptoms for each of these stages:


Under this stage of early Alzheimer’s disease, there will be memory problems and the patient will also experience difficulty in identify the right words for communication, difficulty in judging the things rightly and difficulty in execution of movements will also be experienced.


At this state, as the disease advances, the memory loss will worsen and there will higher level of changes in the cognitive abilities of the individual. Some of the symptoms include:

• Trouble in paying bills due to money-handling difficulty

• Repeatedly asking the same questions even after getting the answer

• Delay in carrying out day-to-day activities.

• Difficulty in judging things

• Behavior and personality changes


At this stage, there will be damages in certain areas of the brain that control reasoning ability, conscious thought process, language and conscious thought process. Symptoms include:

• Impetus behavior

• Paranoia, delusions and hallucinations

• Difficulty in doing several tasks at a time

• Loss of capacity of learning new things

• Difficulty in recognizing even family members

• Augmented confusion and memory loss

Advanced stage:

This is the final stage of the disease, wherein patients lose their ability to communicate and will begin to completely rely on others for survival. There will be

• Reduction in weight

• Infections in skin

• Swallowing difficulty

• Grunting, groaning and moaning

• Increase the hours of sleep

• uncontrollable bladder and bowel movements

There are therapies and medicines to cure this issue and the family members of these patients need not worry.

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